DEFIANT Wrestling : Ringmasters Tournament Night 2

Back for the second night, we have our semi-finals set with some new faces making it through and some interesting match ups up and down the card.

Can not wait.


So Rampage comes out to basically tell us that McKenzie is unable to compete, the microphone quality was poor and with my hearing problems I had no idea what was being said by them. I did kind of make out that they were having matches with the losers from Night 2 to see if someone qualifies to the next round but it really was difficult to hear.

Those two people are Kurtis Chapman and Millie’s opponent Omari.

Winner : Omari

I liked the fact they had a second match to determine who would go on. It would obviously be too much to have EVERY loser in that match so it was a good touch to put two new faces completely to DEFIANT in that match. Starting the night out with it made sense as well.

With David Starr waiting for whomever won in the Semi’s I didn’t have as much interest in the match as I might have had because I just thought they wouldn’t have a second match between Chapman and Starr.

These two really worked well together and I enjoyed Chapman a lot more in this match then the Starr match and I thought his first match was pretty good.

In the end Omari did win but it was a nice first match for the night and it started Night 2 off better then Night 1.

Winner : Bad Bones

Much what you’d expect. It was just a long, long fight between two bad asses with Bad Bones coming out the better for it. Much better match for Gunn then his first round match but I feel his character is a little undefined right now in DEFIANT as he moves on from the Hardcore picture and the Prestige. Him, Stevie and KLR make a great looking trio and I hope that sticks around.

It was possibly, so far, the hardest hitting match as we saw them take the fight briefly to the outside and showing them both to be angry men who just want to beat the hell out of each other. The chop competition was enough to show that they were actually pretty equal in terms of bad assedness but the ending of it, again it was brief, showed that Bad Bones would do anything to win it and that was pretty much the difference. Not the thirst for the win but the ability to give no shits about how you win… Including knocking the ref out then beating Gunn down with a chair.

Enjoyed the match and can’t see Bad Bones losing if I’m honest. The tournament, specially now, plays to his advantage because he just destroys what is in front of him and even though the match was good he also didn’t look like he broke a sweat.

Winner : Nathan Cruz

Different from the opening it sped the pace up with Cooper exploding on Cruz. Two very different styles, two very different personalities made the match so much fun. Cruz trying everything from distracting the ref to try and get a upper hand to holding on to the hair to stop Cooper’s momentum. On the other hand Cooper had to work his ass off not just to hit the big moves like the Spanish Fly off the top rope but to battle Cruz’s ring presence and experience.

It really was a battle of styles. Speed and innovation against old fashioned mat wrestling and dastardly tactics.

Really enjoyed the clash of styles, one of the best matches of the tournament so far. Loved that Cruz kept going for Cooper’s head due to the injury sustained the night before, liked how fluid both were able to transit from one move to the other. It felt seamless and whilst the first match had a lot of breaks between big moments this one just kept punching away with the quieter moments being when Cruz locked in one of his many submission holds.

It was a final distraction of throwing his coat at Cooper and giving him the few seconds he needed to reverse Coopers top rope assault that gave Cruz the victory in a really good match.

Winner : El Phantasmo

As I said in their first round matches I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both of these in PROGRESS matches before I stopped watching wrestling to focus on other things. That being said their first round matches felt like I hadn’t ever seen them and both impressed me so their big match against each other was probably the semi-final match I was looking forward too the most.

Then again I wanted them both to lose because they both beat Aussie Open.

If match 2 was a change of pace from match 1 then this one upped that speed even more.

Brookes can do just about anything and he matched up to Phantasmo’s speed OK but I don’t think anyone could match up to Phantasmo’s innovation and just fun style. The handstand slam thing was amazing for example.

Of course Brookes didn’t let him have his own way and when he did manage to get the match to swing in his way he used his power and rougher personality to put Phantasmo down and keep him down. It was a really interesting match to watch with a lot of great pieces that flowed so well. You honestly had to hold your breath half the time and if you blinked you missed something.

Match could have gone either way but it was a surprise reversal into a pin that won Phantasmo the match but Brookes came out looking amazing too.

Winner : David Starr

Honestly loved the beginning of the match with Starr playing up to the crowd, I like that Starr is back to being the good guy because as much as I like bad guy Starr I just adore good guy Starr.

Not knowing much on Omari I wasn’t too sure what to expect but after his match against Chapman I knew that Starr wouldn’t let it be anything but one of the best matches of the night and I did enjoy it a bunch more then Chapman/Starr, probably because Omari is able to get his personality through his movements better then Chapman and it felt like watching a person wrestle instead of someone doing wrestling moves if that makes sense.

It sounds really mean to Chapman who if I didn’t say it I can see is going to be amazing. I don’t mean it to sound bitchy to Chapman.

The tumble to the outside was absolutely amazing, terrifying to watch and brought a lot of drama. We kept being told “it is going to be a double count out” before the ref even got in the ring to make a count and whilst it might have been slightly overdone it really made the tumble look even more impactful.

After that point it picked up a lot, both hit harder and started to fly around the ring. It was very much the more dramatic of the semi finals with a lot of near falls and some horrible looking moves. It was a beautiful lariat that put Starr in the final though, very much deserved from a guy that has shone so brightly all over the place in 2018.


So my two favourite Australians appear to speak to the crowd.

Like the opening promo I couldn’t really hear a single thing that Fletcher or Davis said only picking up certain words like tag team, Newcastle and Defiant Wrestling (and that was because Fletcher screamed it) though I did get that there was a open challenge (again because Fletcher screamed it) and yeah.

Tag Team open challenge.

Winners : Aussie Open

Not really a surprise, with most tournaments that go over two days those who lose on day one tend to be the ones that team up and do something on day two. With KLR and Stevie Boy being a team anyway, and in a relationship, it made sense that they’d be the ones that challenged Aussie Open.

I can’t really start this without saying the pass the KLR in a vertical suplex stunt with Aussie Open was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. The fact that she then countered it into a roll up was just the icing on the cake. It showed Aussie Open’s playfulness but also reminded everyone that KLR is a bad ass, probably more then any of the dudes in the match and you honestly just don’t want to mess her around.

Liked Filthy Clique, first time I really enjoyed Stevie Boy and I think he works so well with KLR.

The teams really worked well together, think Filthy Clique had the upper hand in many ways and as always KLR grew on me a whole bunch. Love seeing Mark Davis being a big boy and him kicking ass is always a highlight for me but it was just a fun match even if it didn’t feel that important. Like it was a tag team match but it never felt really important, which is weird because it was such a good match too.

Honestly thought that KLR would do it, some of her moves against Davis in particular were amazing.


The very cheerful Prestigious one decides to get in the ring and give talking on the mic that no one can actually hear a try. Well… He would have but he got the Joe Hendry’s a wanker chants so just sat in the ring until Martin Kirby came out.

It was a interesting promo from Kirby in the end, letting out his frustrations with WCPW/DEFIANT and how they always picked Hendry as the star over him. No matter what Kirby put himself through it was always Hendry in the title picture, Hendry in the Main Event, Hendry against the big stars and Hendry being made a fuss of. Shitty matches, shitty decisions all going to Kirby. All these things fans know because fans hate it but which builds him as the underdog, the guy fans want to see do well but of course which would piss the guy off himself.


So Primate is back again to let us know now whether or not the DEFIANT Championship match will go ahead.

As you can guess it isn’t going to go ahead, again I didn’t hear a single thing that was really being said but the jist of what I got was that Kidd WOULD have a match at some point just not tonight and that Kidd and Primate do not get on at all.

Primate also had the perfect person to go up against Kidd tonight and called out… Of all people… Simon Miller.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

To be fair this match makes sense not only because Miller was there having lost his first round match but on a bigger scale.

Think of Kidd and his WCPW/DEFIANT run.

His losing streak, being the servant of Ameen but at all points having the crowd behind him. He was the star that the crowd kind of made in DEFIANT, his story in this company was a guy that couldn’t win, young and inexperienced but the crowd wanted to succeed even when you had to wonder why the hell someone who lost every match was brought back time and time again.

Miller isn’t on a losing streak, he isn’t going to be someone’s servant but he IS WhatCulture. He’s a WhatCulture guy that this crowd got behind because he’s a nice guy, who wanted to be a wrestler and then got his chance with a company who love them or hate them he seems to be behind. He is now in the position that Kidd used to be in. He’s the crowds underdog in a different way from say Kirby who is a experienced guy who just has the shittiest time. That gap left now that Kidd not only isn’t the young inexperienced guy but is a ass hole is filled by Miller who is new to wrestling but someone everyone wants to succeed.

Oh and Kidd put up his number one contender’s spot up on the line because he’s a cocky git.

It was a much slower match and if I’m honest I lost interest half way through. It wasn’t a very interesting mix and other then showing Kidd off to be a asshole including him ending the match by sticking his fingers into Millers eyes until the ref called the match off it just felt flat compared to all the other bouts and even the promo beforehand with Kirby/Hendry all night long.


So Joe left the ringside area just before Primate came out and it seems that what Kirby said to him really hit home. Says if Kirby wants a match then they’ll have one.

Actually a great way to continue their feud but also change the dynamics, Hendry looked very shaken but also hurt because he knows that he does deserve a lot of what he gets because he does work hard. We’re seeing a new side to both Hendry and Kirby which is fun.

Winner : Bad Bones

It was a really good match, I mean the four guys in it were just amazing.

Before the first elimination it was very back and forward, I always felt like Cruz was the odd man out in many ways in the group even though he is my favourite but he had a good showing before being eliminated by David Starr. When it went down to three men it was easier to have all three highlighted all at once and it started off explosive with all three taking it out on each other which led to Starr hitting a destroyer on Bad Bones before being kicked in the face by Phantasmo.

No one really was able to get the upper hand but it was very short lived as a returning Cruz took the legs out from under Starr and pulled him into the corner giving Bad Bones the chance to eliminate Starr. That itself will be a interesting feud going forward if DEFIANT use it but it left this match down to the debuting Phantasmo and the bad ass Bad Bones.

With two fast eliminations it meant the two of them had plenty of energy and time to put on a top quality main event. The German Suplex war just after Starr’s elimination was brutal and ended with Phantasmo being thrown outside the ring. Both guys kind of went to the other persons play book to try and win the tournament, as I said Phantasmo joined in the battle of suplexes when he’s usually a high flyer and then Bad Bones did a dive to the outside and a drop kick from the top rope when he usually doesn’t leave his feet.

It kind of mixed up everything that we’d seen before in the tournament and tie it in a little bow.

In the end it took a lot to put Phantasmo down but Bad Bones was able to do it, I had a feeling it would be his tournament but he really did win it with style.

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