5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Ringmasters Tournament Night 1

So again we’re bringing the 5 Things… and making them wrestling related. I pick out 5 things I really liked, disliked or found funny over the night and highlight them here. Whilst I’m catching up with these blogs I guess I’ll post the 5 Things just before I post the very next review so this will be out just before Night 2 and so on.

Here are my 5 things from the Ringmaster Tournament.

THAT Intro

I always think that WhatCulture/DEFIANT make spectacular promo packages. That is one thing you can never EVER doubt them on, they will make video packages that hype up anything perfectly and since I haven’t seen anything since June (it is December right now) obviously I’m going in cold to this entire thing.

It made me interested though instantly.

If I had to pick a show for someone who had never watched DEFIANT their intros, promo packages would just be enough to get them hyped for just about anything without needing to watch everything else that ever come before it. This one I just liked so much but maybe because of the gap and me needing something to get me hyped for it.

Commentary Team Becomes PRESTIGIOUS 

I really enjoy Bradshaw and Kennedy as a duo, they work really well together and have great chemistry. I love that Kennedy just winds Bradshaw up and the little rivalries they have going.

Adding a very naughty Joe Hendry to the table to basically team up with Kennedy to be cheeky and annoying but also coming in with more interesting facts, because all three were extremely interesting all night, and just making the experience prestigious.

Love the three man commentary team, I love Hendry in the ring I love him on commentary but even when they go back to the two man set up they have such a strong commentary team and THIS is what I’ve really missed in my wrestling recently. These guys. They really are one of the strongest points of DEFIANT.

Big Boy Wrestling with Mark Davis

He gets a point because I love him.

He is honestly one of my absolute favourites and I think will go down as one of my all time favourite wrestlers and some of the times in the main event I just wanted to cry because he is such a big boy and he just could kill people being a big boy.

Hi I’m [enter name here]

To be honest I don’t know if it is a positive or a negative but I like the “get to know the wrestler” type segments before the matches mainly because they were a mixed bag of great, cringy, terrible and hilarious.

People like Chapman needed it, his in ring style is kind of generic and a little bit bland so just putting him in the ring wouldn’t be interesting. Giving fans some character, a chance to get to know the person before seeing him made him more interesting then he might have been.

It also gave us great things like Kay Lee Ray describing Rampage as a big lad.

Positive or negative I’m happy they were about.

New Faces kicking ass!

New faces for DEFIANT at least.

I enjoyed the fresh feel to it, even if they’d been in DEFIANT before there were a bunch of people who hadn’t been that big in DEFIANT and it was nice to see the focus on names like Kurtis Chapman, TK Cooper, Simon Miller, Nathan Cruz, Adam Brookes and Stevie Boy. It felt like a new era was beginning.

It was something they needed when they started as DEFIANT and I felt they didn’t quite get right and something that in the future (as this is July and we’re in December and I know what happened next) they REALLY needed to stay alive.

To be fair it worked.

Some people don’t like big changes but I think this was a breath of fresh air and a great way to push forward the next wave of their big star wrestlers. They still have some of the big names and Rampage is still there with the belt but there is a new layer to DEFIANT that is super strong.

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