The ABC Murders Episode 3

Another two murders, one a complete mistake.

The possibility of maybe someone else being part of all this and us being led astray.

We have got to the final episode of the BBC’s adaptation of the ABC Murders where Poirot will probably have to face the question of who he is and catch the killer before he, or she, kills again.

It was a investigation in three parts. We were given the feeling that we were following the A.B.C. Murderer in the first episode just to have the suspicions of someone else being involved or being the killer in the second to a full blown turn around on who it is in the third.

I loved it!

I said in the last review but Eamon Farren really started to steal the show in the second episode and his performance, looked at a whole, was just amazing. It turns out poor Alexander Bonaparte Cust was a puppet in a game devised by the cunning Franklin Clarke to test Poirot. As much as Farren stole the show I knew that Buchan would be amazing and he was as the crafty murderer who just so happened to have the pieces fall into place quite easily.

Not really sure what it was that gave him away, possibly the one last brag he had to make to Poirot whilst announcing he would be engaged to Miss Grey soon.

I was really hoping that Grey would be the killer, Freya Mavor made that character so detestable that her walking off into the sunset to sink her claws into yet another rich man just made my skin crawl. She deserved some comeuppance and losing the small amount that Franklin had brought for her thus far was not enough.

The solving of the case was great, the case overall was interesting and the series overall was good enough that I watched the entire thing.

Unfortunately I wasn’t interested in the past of Poirot so that being a big part of the final episode bored me a little, again Malkovich played the part well but I was also kind of sad that this was the Poirot we had to see. I would have liked to see him doing more detecting, interacting more and just generally being more Poirot and less a statue stood around glaring at ghosts that were haunting him.

His interactions with Rupert Grint and Bronwyn James was amazing, both stood out as two of the best characters in the show especially James who I was happy to see walked away from her ridiculous mother and pathetic excuse for a love interest. It was sad yet happy to know that she truly grieved for her sister even though she was quite cruel to her when alive and that she did see the lesson to be learnt in her sisters mean games. I would have liked to actually see where she ended up instead of just her leaving though, I want to know that Megan at least lived a happy life.

Everything fell into place and it seemed so obvious as it usually does in these things.

It was worth watching even if I feel like it was missing some of the magic I was hoping it would have. One of the best Christie Adaptations in my opinion based on the fact that I can’t sit through most of them so this is the only one I’ve seen from beginning to end.

Honestly can’t say enough about how overwhelmingly amazing I found Eamon Farren and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Good drama to cover some of the time between Christmas and New Year!

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