That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime : The Great Clash

Episode 13

Dai Gekitotsu” (大激突)

Poor Gabiru just wouldn’t listen and it is about to lead to his demise. Can Rimuru and his group get to the Lizard Men before they are eliminated by the Orc Lord and his army of starved warriors?

What can you say?

I guess first off we got a lot of good Gabiru stuff at the beginning, I said that they weren’t just leaving him as a comedy character and in this episode they actually continued to hammer home how good a leader he is.

He formulated a plan based on what little he knew, he tried to keep the weaker monsters safe above everything else, he even faced something as strong as a Orc General knowing that he probably couldn’t win but still did so bravely and even nearly got a hit on him. His inability to fathom the danger they were in isn’t so much a flaw as the folly of youth but this has been a extremely huge eye opener for him.

Still has a few things left to learn, he still can’t see past some prejudices meaning when Gobuta came to save him he still believed that he was the leader of the Goblin Village, but he’s getting there.

It’ll be interesting to see where his relationship with his father and sister goes after this, they bare him no ill will because they understand what he is doing. His rashness to defend his home is in some ways honourable and I think they are both well aware that he has no clue to the powers of the Orc Lord. Hopefully he’ll show humility because I feel he’s proven himself a decent leader to the Lizard Men but maybe he can see that his father knows what is best in some cases and his father can see that he needs to be more open in teaching Gabiru the small details of being a leader that he doesn’t have yet.

After that the majority of the rest of the episode was purely there to show off how strong the Kijin are now and Ranga. They basically destroy the entire army like it was the weakest thing going leaving the Orc Lord for Rimuru.

It was nice to see the power of all the people under Rimuru, I think in most battles he’ll be unneeded because they can clean up house perfectly fine on their own. I do hope, like Rimuru does, that they stick together as a team after the Orcs have been defeated because they really are a cool little group.

The only other thing of note was the fact that the Majins were seen. Leplace and Gelmund are both working for the big guy that Shizu was summounded by, Gelmund is scared he’s going to be killed if he doesn’t complete whatever task it was he was given, which leads me to think maybe they are like Shizu and been summounded over? I mean Gelmund looks like he might be some kind of Elf like being but what if he just got mutated a bit or just had big ears? I dunno but I really loved seeing them two interact and would like to see more of them to be honest. Laplace is my favourite, I love eccentric characters like him.

A decent episode, lots of action going on and built up nicely to the fight between Rimuru and the Orc Lord. I don’t expect it to last very long but it’ll be a fun battle to see.

Nothing more to add really.

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