DEFIANT Wrestling : Ringmaster Tournament Night 1

So we are catching up with DEFIANT with Loaded returning last week for weekly shows it is about time we actually sat down and watched everything since back in June STARTING with July’s Ringmaster tournament.

It does mean we’ll be a week or two behind on Loaded as we try and space out some of these reviews but I’ve not even been spoiled for any of this so thought it would be nice to catch up!

Winner : BT GUNN

It was a extremely slow beginning to the match, I spent most of it listening to the commentary and just remembering how much I love the duo of Kennedy and Bradshaw and how much better it was adding Hendry to the mix. It was like a teacher having to share duties with two naughty little boys. There was a bit of humour with Stevie Boy but it was always geared at making him look slightly less tough then BT Gunn.

When it sped up it was a interesting match to watch but it sped up to slow down again and there were a lot of sharing blow to blow which is all good but it just went on too long and they seemed to come back to it.

Unfortunately it never really went into second gear and even at the end of the match it felt like Stevie Boy was just trying to do anything to Gunn and Gunn shaked him off. A few attempts at quick pin falls with roll ups to beat Gunn but even the ending itself was quick and not really that impactful. Just felt like it ended because they got bored.

Sad because I love Gunn.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

Now this I was looking forward too. Millie has kind of been stifled in the women’s division with just their lack of depth so seeing her up against a completely new opponent is interesting.

Much better match, it was a new test for Millie as Omari’s height and weight stopped some of her moves in their tracks because unlike her smaller female opponents she didn’t have the power to over power him all the time, it showed her as the Bad Ass because no matter what Omari did she got straight back up. That in itself made Omari look like a bad ass because everyone expected Millie to just move into fighting men and be able to take them apart like she does the women and she didn’t have it her own way so in the scope of DEFIANT right now, for me the story worked.

We got our suplexes, we got some great back and forth action, we saw some wonderful counters and then Millie walked on to the next round.

Really enjoyed it. REALLY enjoyed it. Fabulous match.

Winner : Bad Bones

Again a much better match then the first one, night starts to feel like it is picking up steam.

Two very different styles but they meshed well, Kirby’s much faster pace keeping the attack on Bad Bones whilst also incorporating his weird moves like grabbing Bad Bones nipples. You think you’ll get something hard hitting then he does something stupid and I just love it. Bad Bones is obviously the bigger and scarier guy who used his strength to stop Kirby as long as he could, being a road block in the way of Kirby riding the steam he was building to a finish.

It was a great match up made better with Hendry on commentary picking apart Kirby in a part of their ongoing, long held feud.

Mid-match there was a nasty looking move to the outside which saw the demise of Kirby, Bad Bones then just kept targeting big power moves mainly to Kirby’s head and in the end he won the match in a convincing fashion. VERY good match, best so far of the night.

Hendry gobbing off and having Kirby get in his face at the end of the match was just perfect.

Winner : David Starr

Think it’ll be obvious to many I don’t know who Chapman is and anyone who ever reads anything I ever write knows that I love David Starr to pieces so it was a interesting match. Couldn’t get over the fact that Chapman kind of looks like a mixture of a few people I work with which was scary as hell but he had a interesting way of moving around the ring and Starr worked well against him.

It was a very fast paced match and Chapman got some really cool offense in, I didn’t like his jump to the outside but the fact he has a move called the Goomba Stamp is enough to make me interested to see where he goes.

Not much to really say about the match if I’m honest, not surprised to see Starr move forward. Good match though.

Winner : TK Cooper

It was a really good match to be honest. Cooper and KLR worked really well against each other and I enjoyed it.

Very fast and showed the two off really well. TK Cooper is a fun wrestler to watch and I’m happy that he might be seen more on DEFIANT because there is something about him that originally I really disliked but now just love, which is pretty much what I say about KLR a lot. Honestly think I like her against guys more then I like her against girls.

I guess the big talking point though is the ending of the match, it was very sloppy as it looked very much like KLR had got her shoulder up but the match ended with a bleeding Cooper getting the win. I watched it twice and just couldn’t figure out what was going on but it was a poor end to a great match to be honest.

Winner : Adam Brookes

This might have been one of the matches I was looking forward too most.

I haven’t really ever seen Kyle Fletcher in a singles match, the ones I’ve seen him in have been short or against Mark Davis and I was interested in seeing whether I enjoyed him in singles as much as I enjoy him in a tag team. Adam Brookes I had seen before but couldn’t remember when, where or whether I liked him so yeah… Was looking forward to it.

Started off a little slower then I thought it would and it never got as fast as I thought it would but it was a fun match and had some interesting spots, specially the cheeky Nando’s that turned into a eye poke instead. Brookes was a fun wrestler to watch, if I had to compare him to anyone it would probably be Martin Kirby. I felt he had a reply to just about anything Fletcher had to throw at him but unlike Kirby he was able to keep the pressure on Fletcher in the important parts of the match.

I was more impressed by Brookes then Fletcher, I love Aussie Open and I like Kyle Fletcher, I’m not just a Mark Davis fan girl, but his style very much feels like half a tag team. His “big” moves are all things that are great in tag matches to pick up steam, change the flow of a match and then get the hot tag or being the hot tag but he had nothing really interesting to give as a singles competitor. Brookes put his character into his match, he had that cheeky sly way of doing things but then also had the more dangerous big moves whilst keeping a decently fast pace. Fletcher felt like he was missing half of everything.

As much as I say that Brookes feels like Kirby it was funny that he was the one that had the big move to the outside of the ring with a DDT to the floor that nearly won him that match when Kirby’s match ended because of a big move to the floor.

Winner : Nathan Cruz

Huge fan of Cruz and fallen in love with Miller and his heart and I really enjoyed the match if I’m honest.

Simon Miller is a big positive in DEFIANT Wrestling. He is the guy who a lot of DEFIANT’s audience know from their connection with WhatCulture, who is one of the most likeable people in the world and even when the Cultaholic boys were there was pretty much the second most loved member of their team and is a success story they can keep pushing to make their own star.

He is really good for a guy who only started training 2 years ago, he has the heart and people love to get behind him. He worked really well with Cruz and there was some great story telling where Cruz tried to do the vet bad guy thing and Miller knew what was coming and was able to outsmart him.

Not sure on the ending of the match either with Cruz passing out in a figure four. I dunno but I just didn’t like it.

Smart for Cruz to go forward and like Hendry’s reaction to it.

Winner : El PhantasmoΒ 

It was fun. It was two very different styles working well together. At some points it was just a big lad trying to murder a faster little dude and that is the kind of wrestling I like.

El Phantasmo is bloody amazing in the ring and every time Davis tried to brutalise him he bounced back with something just as amazing as his last move. I guess I knew from the beginning that El Phantasmo was going to win, deep down I just didn’t see them have one half of the Tag Champions go forward and having Phantasmo as the replacement for Riddle it just made sense that he was going forward.

Still it was the best match on the card by a mile, so much fun and so bloody hard to watch at times. Great end to the show.


It was a good show to be honest and I look forward to the second round matches. A lot of new faces for DEFIANT, a new feel and some bloody exciting things in the future for them.

Really loved the main event, it really ended the show on a high and it was a nice place to jump back in after taking a 6 month break from DEFIANT.

If I’m honest I stopped watching wrestling a while back altogether other then WWE PPVs because my local scene is toxic as hell and it put a dampener on everything, I’d stopped watching DEFIANT due to huge anxiety problems in the middle of the year and then it got to the point I just didn’t want to watch wrestling, specially not British wrestling, for a while. I’m happy I’ve jumped back into DEFIANT though as it is a brilliant show with a lot of amazing guys on it.

Can’t wait for the second night!

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