5 Things… Our 5 Anime’s of 2018

I think it is important to remember that none of these are ordered we are using the 5 Things… format to highlight 5 of our favourite what ever it is of 2018 starting with our 5 fav anime’s from 2018.

We went for quality over quantity with our reviews, reviewing a smaller pool of anime giving us less choices but these are the ones that stuck out for us.

5. Goblin Slayer


It was hard for us to decide whether to add this one or not. It hasn’t been the best put together series and one of its biggest strengths is also its biggest weakness, the controversial side to it.

That being said when it is good it is really good and we like that it started a debate on how shows should handle subjects like rape whilst at the same time using those images to add a new and disturbing side to a creature that people overlook.

In one way it seems to be a bit of a satire on the fantasy genre in books and gaming in general with feels of Lord of the Rings all the way through. It dehumanizes its characters by never naming them and making them stereotypes of fantasy characters or gaming classes but makes you love them nonetheless.

It is that mixed feeling we have that we’ve realised that…. It might not have been the best in the series but personally it’ll be a show we remember and talk about for ever. We thought the opening to Mahou Shoujo Site was going to be our go to in shock value opening episodes for the rest of our lives but I think this took it over and that is why this series is on the list and that one isn’t.

4. Angels of Death


I really liked the majority of this show.

Zack was a great character, most of the killers were great characters. There was a few different styles that kind of paid homage to a bunch of different horror genres and if you like horror there was a killer there for you. Zack the slasher, Catherine like Jigsaw… As a horror fan I liked it and I liked that every floor was different.

Its biggest downfall was its main character. Whilst I get that Rachel was never meant to be compelling I still haven’t watched the final episode because her story didn’t inspire me to care. I cared for the wrong reasons and the characters I shouldn’t care for.

Why it made it into my top 5 is because of that fresh feeling every few episodes, the wonderful animation style and some brilliant little bits of story telling that left you guessing all the way through.

3. Happy Sugar Life


We like controversy as you can tell and whilst there wasn’t a group of people up in arms over Happy Sugar Life it really, very much, portrayed some subjects that were controversial.

It was a story about broken people leading unhealthy lives and not being able to shake off the pain of their pasts. I couldn’t, and won’t, describe it to you because you would never fully understand how complete and how human each character was you would just see the over the top, ridiculous story and brand it for something that it just really wasn’t.

I was honestly in tears so often through the series, so angry and upset for characters and their actions. I was invested in every single moment of it and I can’t even talk about it without wanting to cry.

If you haven’t seen it I would recommend it. It isn’t to everyone’s tastes but try and pull away the over the top situations and look at the stories being told about these characters and it is a heartbreaking tale of teenagers whose lives were ruined because of adults. Greedy, violent, uncaring adults. As a fan of the Persona 5 game where the characters moan constantly about adults they know NOTHING compared to the horrors that parents, guardians, bosses and strangers did to the teenagers in this series.

2. Overlord III


Luc loved Overlord, loved half of II but he was really in love with III. It looked further afield then ever before and laid the foundations for not only the future of the series but just the world domination of Ainz.

There was never going to be any question of this one being in any list but I think the moment that cemented the series as one of Luc and mines favourites was the battle between Ainz and Gazef. It had been fun, light hearted with moments of deeper, horrible things but this had really changed the tone.

Ainz has lost all humanity as he see’s the world as a game still but we’ve also seen that the players in this game aren’t as helpless as Ainz thinks as Gazef dies to help create the ability to beat Ainz in the future. So many stories are still ongoing here and it is honestly one of the most interesting series going.

1. How To Keep a Mummy


This might shock you but I suffer from horrible, life crippling Depression and Anxiety. Most of my life is just miserable and dark, maybe that is why I like the darker shows then fluffy ones. I mean I love fluffy shows but this year has been really hard with heart ache due to unrequited love, a operation that was lurking then ruined my life and just misery in general.

How to Keep a Mummy is rainbows blended together with sunlight and happiness that honestly was one thing that kept me from losing myself.

It was cute, it was happy, it had friendships and heartbreak, drama and comedy and just went at its own pace spreading joy to the world. There isn’t much to say about it other then if you need to smile… Watch this show.



And that is our 2018 picks. There have been some good ones, some bad ones and we still haven’t actually finished a few we started but I think we have done alright in 2018 and it has been a decent year.

For us there hasn’t been a huge stand out like in other years but that is OK too. Everything has been pretty awesome.

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