5 Things… Our 5 biggest TV Disappointments of 2018

Whilst there has been a lot of things we’ve loved this year there are also those things that we really didn’t like.

So… Here we have 5 of our biggest disappointing TV shows of 2018.

5. Still Open All Hours Season 4 + 5

It just hasn’t been the same recently has it?

The little comedy that used to be so clever and let us into the life of the customers of a local corner shop has changed into a different beast. Whilst some of the changes have been for the better, getting out there a little more and the group of men and women getting together to talk have all been hilarious, it also took a dark twist when they put Leroy in one of the worst thought out love stories I’ve ever seen.

It isn’t funny anymore and the charm wears off the longer the series goes on. I won’t even be bothering with a 6th season if we get one.

4. Disenchantment Season 1

Really looking forward to the more adult aimed show from the creators of the Simpsons.

Unfortunately they aren’t as good as writing a long drawn out story as they are doing single episodes.

Whilst I enjoyed the world they built, the characters they introduced and a bunch of the stories it just felt disjointed and oddly paced. Stories came and went then came back with us meant to care for them, characters would disappear for episodes on end to return like they were never away and it never felt fluid.

It all built up to a interesting end and whilst the first season was a disappointment for us personally I feel like a season two could really, truly, be something special.

Also gets big props for using Matt Berry as a voice, he is perfect and I love him.

3. Paradise Cop Season 1

This was just a mess all over.

I don’t even know where to start.

There are no good points to it, it just blew so badly. I hated everything about it and watched half the season before realising I’d wasted my life and turned it off. I couldn’t even tell you what happened because it just… Was so bad.

The trailer made it look funny but the trailer has all the funny bits in it.

2. Kimmy Schmidt Season 4

I was disappointed with Season 4. Kimmy was evolving which is good but with that True Life documentary in the middle of it I just didn’t like it. The pacing was off, some of the stories were a bit weird and as it was only half of the season it just felt really unfinished.

Which it is.

It hasn’t made me excited for the second half of it or whatever it is we’re getting in January it just makes it feel like a chore to watch the end of something I used to really love.

1. Silicon Valley Season 5

For me this was the biggest of all disappointments in 2018.

I have had my heart broken, I have given up on a dream but it was Silicon Valley Season 5 that really broke me.

It just wasn’t funny. It wasn’t funny seeing them have to fight against Jian-Yang, there wasn’t enough Big Head even though he kind of saved the day again and it really did in the end miss TJ Miller.

I didn’t EVER want to admit that but it did. It missed having someone that you could look at and hate whilst also kind of wanting them to succeed whilst also laughing when they failed. Jian-Yang was never that person but they tried to replace Miller with Jimmy O. Yang and it didn’t work.

Plus again I usually overlook a lot of the common complaints about Silicon Valley but it did feel samey and I didn’t feel like I was watching the same show whilst at the same time it was doing what the show did every single season.

It just was a big let down.


So there you have it our biggest disappointments of 2018. To be fair we don’t really watch that much so it’ll be interesting to know if anyone else had any other disappointments TV wise for this year?


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