5 Things… 2018’s 5 Best Character Offerings in Anime

We tried so hard to keep a list of our fav villains, heroes and sidekicks of 2018 but… We failed so we’ve thrown together basically just 5 of our favourite characters of 2018 into a list and here they are.

Whether they are bad guys or good guys here are the guys and girls… No I won’t lie they are all guys unfortunately, that we loved this year.

5. Brother (Mahou Shoujo Site)


You want to see evil then just tune in Mahou Shoujo Site and it is brimming with evil people.

Brother was our favourite villain of the piece. He became one of the big bad’s of the series and had a rather horrible ending but he was really the stand out in a series that burned brightly and faded away by the end.

I like good bad guys. I like bad guys who are truly bad to the bone and have no redeeming qualities. It is always nice to have characters with lots of different sides to them but at the same time a black and white character isn’t a bad thing either and Brother was as black as they come with no mid grade level bullshit. He was a dick.

He’ll go down personally as one of the best villains in history.

4. Rimuru (Reincarnated as a Slime)


I love Reincarnated as a Slime and I hate it.

Rimuru is a OP slime that is slowly building a village whilst trying to understand a world he has just been thrown into and if anything else I think he makes the show. I am very on the line with a lot of the humour, a lot of the virgin boy stuff and the like but it doesn’t annoy me as much as it might if there was a different character.

He is fun, he can be serious and it is easy to get behind him. He’s trying to be the best person he can be knowing full well he’s been given a second chance at life after leading a unfulfilling one before he was murdered. Giving monsters names, giving them purpose and a sense of community… He is just a good guy.

A good Slime.

3. Sora + Mii-Kun (How to Keep a Mummy)


They come as a duo. Sora and his Mummy pal Mii-Kun.

Adorable pairing, wonderful stories and the connection between them was instant and heart warming. Mii was like a puppy/baby that bonded with Sora and looked to him for pretty much everything, him learning to write so he can tell Sora he loves him and the panic that sets in when he can’t find Sora or doesn’t know where he is was sweet.

There was no hidden meaning or anything of the sort they were just a sweet duo that we got to spend time with. Characters that will live with me forever, to be honest the entire cast are pretty much wonderful but Sora and Mii-kun were the best.

2. Souichi (Junji Ito Collection)


Junji Ito was hit and miss. Some of the stories were great some were boring but the one character that kept returning that I loved was Souichi.

The idiot bad guy in all of his stories he tried his best to scare, curse and annoy the people around him just to usually be the one scared, cursed or annoyed. His episodes tended to break any momentum they had with scary stories or whatever but they were also gems because they were the ones that felt complete.

Sure they were short stories and scary short stories usually end with cliffhangers and all sorts but this series just felt like a disappointment but the comedy of Souichi, the way he acted and was voiced, just made him compelling viewing.

1. Sebas Tian (Overlord III)


I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone that us dorks over here loved the Butler of Ainz, one of his most trusted underlings, Sebas Tian.

If the name wasn’t enough the old guy was a treasure in every scene he was in.

We’ll admit he wasn’t really in Overlord III much but we were late to Overlord and he is a character me and Luc have agreed deserves huge praise. There are a few of Ainz underlings who stand out and Sebas Tian, without being a monster or cool or anything like that, just does. He is one that you can see being a problem, one that has his own morals and understandings on life and someone that if push came to shove might not always be loyal to Ainz.

At the same time right now he IS loyal and he is terrifying and he is cool as hell and he has been a highlight since Luc started reviewing Overlord.


With so many characters this season it was hard to pick just 5, at the same time it was also really hard to think of 5. So many main characters have been so disappointing this year that the villains and back ground characters have been able to shine even more then they usually do.

As always we’re interested in hearing what everyone else’s favs have been this year. Leave us a comment with your fav 5!

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