Goblin Slayer : The Adventurers Feast

Episode 11

Bōkensha no Kyōen” (冒険者の饗宴)

So we have waited to see what will happen when the Goblins attack Cow Girl.

Here is what happens.

I really liked this episode but at the same time I really didn’t like it.

I’ll start with what I didn’t like.

We’ve had this season build up to something happening to Cow Girl, something big that might just break Goblin Slayer and make him develop properly. Not this half hearted he grunts a little more and agrees to stupid things kind of development but proper development as he tries to save the girl he obviously loves from what the Goblins do to her.

Of course at the same time he probably would have failed or the story would have had to be slightly different but it would have been a good ending for the series. Either reinforcing that grim horrible message of the first episode or leading to him having to admit to Cow Girl and others that he actually had human feelings and needed to keep her safe because of them.

We didn’t get that.

So again there was a kind of change of story telling. We went from solitary figure to mentor, group leader to now… Thing of legend? Friend? I don’t know.

Which brings me to what I liked.

I did like that Goblin Slayer went to the Adventurers for help which proved that his love for Cow Girl and his home is more important to him then anything else and showed the love the Guild had for him. Whilst they were a bit shitty at first and some had to be paid for it the main characters we’ve seen bubbling in the background just wanted him to show a human side to himself before agreeing, settling for a drink after the fact for their services.

When we then got to see the hordes of Goblins coming out, all under the guidance of the Goblin Lord it was amazing, the strategy that Goblin Slayer came up with and put into action was great and the amount of respect being shown to him was awesome.

It was a feel good episode even though it centered around a battle.

Loved seeing the other Adventurers get to come out and play, I would have liked to see more of all of them to be honest. There were episodes where the focus kind of went all over the place and it would have been nice to see some of the others get a spotlight so that this moment felt more epic, I got that it was meant to be this big moment but because we had no reason to care for half of the characters making this moment big it really depended on whether or not you picked up any sense of liking any of these characters.

We end with I guess the only ending there can be.

Whilst a bunch of Goblin Champions and Hobs attack the main party, something they seem to relish, Goblin Slayer goes after the Goblin Lord.

Here was me thinking he’d have to go and be the Hero and save the day from the Demon Lord at some point and we end the show with him vs a bloody Goblin Lord. It makes sense but at the same time it shows just how single minded the show really was. There were so many potential stories that could have been told but they took the long route with many pointless paths off of it to get to a showdown between Goblin Slayer and another Goblin.

I don’t see the finale being that interesting if I’m honest.


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