5 Things… 5 Openings and Closings for Anime Shows we loved this year

A good anime opener can make you tune into a show weekly even if you don’t like it, a good ending can get you hyped for the next episode no matter the quality of story being told.

I always love anime openers and closers, whether it be the music or the video’s or a combination of the two here are some of the ones that really got me hyped this year.

5. Kokkoku Opener

This is one that had it both. I loved the music and loved the animation. I mean it was better then the series itself for me!

4. Junji Ito Collection OpenerΒ 

Pretty much more terrifying then the show itself. That is pretty much it I guess. It was the scariest part of the show.

3. Mahou Shoujo Site Closer

Flying sperms. That is all.

To be fair I’ve put it there because it was so weird compared to what we were seeing, I think it was the music more then anything that makes it so good.

2. Gegege No Kitarou Opener

Probably the most catchy song ever and as I learnt it is actually a return of the original opening song.

1. Happy Sugar Life Opener

If there was anything that described the uneasy feeling you get whilst watching Happy Sugar Life then it is the opening credits. They are sweet, yet deranged, light yet dark… Plus the video itself isn’t so bad.


Again there have been some great ones this year so share you favs below! If there is one from a series we haven’t seen see if you can get us interested in it via them.

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