Zombie Land Saga : Good Morning Again SAGA [END]

Episode 12

Guddo Mōningu Agein SAGA” (グッドモーニングアゲイン SAGA)

So our time with the Zombie Idols has come to a end, Sakura still can’t remember her time as a zombie after being hit by another truck and their biggest performance yet is hanging over their heads.

We have to have a happy ending surely?

One thing this episode kind of hinted at and then brushed over, boy is that normal for this season, was how unlucky all of these characters had been.

You go back and think of EVERYTHING that has happened to them even just how they all died, or at least how the ones we knew the story of, and they are surrounded by poor luck. Some, like Saki, based on no common sense and some, like Sakura and Ai, complete and utter bad luck.

Whilst we learnt that Sakura is the poster child of bad luck that doesn’t stop the fact that they all have had pretty poor luck. Even as a group when things look like they are going right they end up going wrong and the series takes a darker, but only slightly, tone when you view what was a comedy of errors as what it actually was.

A bunch of dead girls with no luck struggling through terrible luck to do something important.

Of course as I said it was brushed away pretty much after being uttered. No one pointed out the way they died as examples of their poor luck, no one pointed out any of the bad things that had happened to them as examples of their poor luck so Sakura, whilst bending to their will, still blamed herself for anything bad that happened.

The thought was there but once more it failed to fully deliver its own point.

This episode didn’t feel like the end of anything though.

So many questions about so many different characters. The reporter is still onto them but it was the closing scene that we realise that he has picked out the three stars and matched them to photo of their times alive. Unless they plan on another season that was a wasted story.

Kotaru himself had a few intriguing moments in this episode and last. How he came to know of zombies, collect a bunch of them or why he is doing what he is doing or why he picked Sakura… Even simply why he won’t take off his glasses and we get to see his eyes are all questions raised in the last few episodes that won’t be answered.

I think that was the main problem of the season. It felt bitty but in a bad way. There felt like there was a story trying to be told but every time they tried to tell it they thought better of digging deep into story telling and reverted back to shenanigans and comedy. They gave us so many hints of something more, something deeper and darker but then pulled it away like they were scared to commit. It probably never was meant to have any of that in it but it just felt unfinished. From episode one to the final it felt like it was missing something and that something was probably consistency.

It felt like a rollercoaster that you just transported around instead of actually riding it. You can see that the ride is fun but you miss out the fun bits by just standing still and being there instead of riding it yourself.

I love all the characters and I can see what they were trying to get at. This big feel good moment.

It didn’t work though.

It had some great moments, mainly surrounding Tae being crazy, but it didn’t let any of the other girls be individuals and force their own voice out to try and reach Sakura. I know that they did that last episode but it was different, after the slap from Yugiri she was listening for the first time. Yugiri should not have said they were being selfish, they should have pointed out that Sakura was. Sakura had forced them all to be a team, to work together and do this, the entire story before she was run over was about how she was selfishly trying to find a link to her past, they should have stood up against her for her own good.

For a show that did a lot to push Sakura to the back of our minds most of the time it did a wonderful job of making her unlikeable and unrelatable in this episode. All their hard work ruined by getting the entire tone of everything wrong once more.

I dunno.

I did cry when they sang I guess so it must have worked on some level right?

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