Zombie Land Saga : A One-of-a-Kind SAGA

Episode 11

Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no SAGA” (世界にひとつだけの SAGA)

We finally learn about Sakura and to be honest it is a hard episode to watch.

Honestly it makes the journey a little more bearable to get here.

With the way the series has gone it can be easy to forget that Sakura is the heart and soul of the series. It was her death that started it all, she was the first to wake up and she’s the glue that holds them together, it was one of my complaints in the last episode that all of that seemed to have been forgotten to quickly get across the point that she wanted to know who she was before all this at the expense of her working as a team player but at the end of the day it is a question that we all kind of needed to ask.

We didn’t because the series started so positively and Sakura stayed so positive.

Oh how we were wrong about all that.

I honestly don’t think you’ll understand how much I emphasized with her in this episode. It turns out that she’s one of those people who if she didn’t have bad luck would have no luck at all. Whenever she tried, put herself out there and did her best something horrible would happen. It wouldn’t just be she failed she would get sick or hurt herself. She put her life to one side to try and excel at just about anything but the more she tried the more she was hurt.

Until she saw Iron Frill and heard Ai talking about how mistakes and set backs were part of life. She tried again, she went out there to audition for Iron Frill….

And got run over and died.

Since being a zombie that poor luck has kind of gone away, I mean it has and it hasn’t because obviously shit keeps happening but she’s getting up there on stage and excelling as a Idol. Something I guess they TRIED to get over to her in the episode but not hard enough. I mean this is 10 years in the future and they do have access to a computer and they have been photographed and probably filmed so sitting her down and showing her what she has been doing since they woke up as zombie’s might have been a better way of trying to get through to her.

It was hard to watch but one reason it was so hard to watch is because it is kind of depression in a nutshell and whilst I’m not going to hold up Zombie Land Saga as something that has tackled anything, not even fun cutesy stories, well but this episode hit hard for me. As someone who tries so hard and always fails, who will put themselves out there just to get ill at the last moment or have something go wrong numerous times till it is past the point I can actually do that anymore but still goes out there every day with a smile on my face trying my hardest to be a happy, productive person like Sakura has been all season long whilst inside missing something…

I think they unknowingly stumbled onto a really touching subject that might actually mean something to a small proportion of its audience.

Watching Sakura just push everyone away whilst she fell into a violent storm of negative feelings, reliving every bad moment instead of picking out one or two good ones that might have happened hit so close to home that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her character more then I ever thought I could.

All that is left is to see how she overcomes it, because she will because it is a show that has to have a happy ending.

I think Kotaru is a zombie, the guy he was in a bar with is obviously a zombie and the way he spoke to him made it sound like he is one too. It’ll be interesting to see what his big thing is that is going to help Sakura, to be honest it was the perfect cliffhanger because I shouted when it ended because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Zombie Land Saga might not be a classic but this one episode touched me in ways it probably shouldn’t, obviously didn’t mean to do and probably won’t continue to do in the final episode. It has redeemed itself a little for me personally even if I still think it was something that could have been much better.


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