Episode 10

With only a handful of episodes left it makes sense the show is finally going to circle back around to focus on Sakura.

But is it too late?

This should have been a story line that was playing out in the background the entire time. With everyone kind of remembering things from their past suddenly Sakura is a little jealous yet hopeful that their first big solo concert will wake something up inside her.

It was a nice story to tell, especially as she’s kind of disappeared into the background for the majority of the season, but at the same time it felt a little rushed.

Those feelings could have started to bubble up from the Lily episode, even the end of Ai and Junko bickering but because it was made such a big deal in this episode and this episode only, whilst it’ll no doubt be a great three part story ending in the final episode it still… Kind of… Felt rushed.

Don’t get me wrong I liked it.

I liked that she lost her cool, that Kotaru tried to help but she was too blinded by a need deep inside herself that she couldn’t really see. I just would have also liked the others to remind her that she’s been sticking her nose in everyone else’s business so when she was upset she could have gone to them. It isn’t really that surprising that someone who is dead might want to know who they were and what happened to them to make them dead and I think if anyone is going to understand it is these lot.

So maybe that is why whilst I loved the episode I didn’t like it as well.

We’ve had all these episodes of Sakura bringing everyone together and being the friend to the group, being the one that forced them to open up and everything else. She’s been the rock to the group and whilst I get that sometimes the rock feels like they can’t talk to others about that kind of thing but that wasn’t the story told. It would have been something we could have seen build all season long, it could have been a throwaway line in this episode somewhere, I guess the point is that Sakura didn’t see it that way and needed to have her eyes opened but it just felt out of character for her and out of character for the others not to call her out on her bullshit.

Loved the mountain stuff though it was really cute and really funny and I do love when Kotaru sends them on these random adventures.

Yeah so that would be another thing I love and hate about this episode.

It once more showed that this whole thing has just been rushed and put together in the worst possible way. Episodes like this could have been a entire episode with feelings and character moments built in, bubbling to the surface towards the end. Instead it was the middle bit of the story and every tiny part of this episode just felt out of place and because it felt out of place it felt rushed.

That being said I KNEW, I knew what was coming at the end and I am so looking forward to the next few episodes.

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