That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : The Gears Spin Out of Control

Episode 12

Kuruiyuku Haguruma” (狂いゆく歯車)

We get ever closer to having to fight the Orc Lord so we’ll see if Treyni has anything to tell us that will help Rimuru defend the Forest of Jura against him and his army.

One of those episodes that bridge the gap between the quest being laid down and the actual action itself.

Treyni explains the Orc Lords skill “Starved” the fact that the Orcs will eat any corpse and gain more power from eating them. It built a rather nasty picture of what Rimuru has to face so he does the right thing and sends Souei straight to the Lizard Men Chieftain to try and make a deal knowing full well that he wasn’t going to get anywhere with Gabiru.

Of course the Chieftain being a smart man agrees but unfortunately… Gabiru.

I don’t get how Gabiru can be so stupid. Maybe it is the fault of his father for not really teaching him things he needed to know? Maybe he was taught and it is his own fault for not listening? Or just maybe the fact he has been named has blinded him to the reality of his situation.

There is no questioning that he WANTS to be brave and a leader but whilst he has those desires and the tools to unlock all that he has a arrogance that is leading him on. Gelmund sent a messenger, Laplace, to basically stir the pot so that Gabiru stages a coup instead of going and talking to his father and learning what he needed to know before foolishly taking on the Orc Lord’s army and sending those who feasted on their comrades flesh into a Berserk rage.

Like Gabiru on the outside seems like a stupid, throwaway character but he is actually really interesting when you look deeper into who he is, why he is doing things and all that.

Because of the nature of what they are him having a name naturally means people look to him. There is that whole generational divide thing going on with them even saying a lot of the younger Lizard Men agree with Gabiru that they should be fighting instead of defending waiting for other allies. It is a tale as old as time, the older wiser heads maybe never really relaying the knowledge to the younger more agitated members of their society the dangers they are in and why they are taking the course of action they are. The Chieftain was rather meh about getting Gabiru to understand why he was doing what he was doing when he sent him to gather the Goblins so of course when he has Laplace, under instruction of the man who gave him his name, whispering in his ear and a bunch of other inexperienced young guys behind him he’s going to get cocky.

Again he underestimates what he is facing.

It doesn’t surprise me that he would go on the advice of the person who named him though. You see it with Rimuru, Gelmund must be powerful himself and whilst we know that his actions might not be for the best in Gabiru’s eyes he’ll be trustworthy just like those that Rimuru has named blindly in ways follow him. We saw it with Souei in this episode, he hasn’t even been with Rimuru that long and other then naming him and showing how strong he is he hasn’t DONE anything to help the Ogres yet Souei would kill in the name of Rimuru if anyone even looked like they were looking down on him.

Gabiru makes sense and his actions make sense and in a lot of ways this is just the way things have to be.


2 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : The Gears Spin Out of Control”

  1. Yeah, as dumb as Gabiru is the audience can clearly see why he is on the path he is on. It’s going to end badly and no matter what anyone says at this point, Gabiru is more or less committed to his path. However, that makes the story better because the character isn’t doing something completely inexplicable. From his point of view his actions make sense and that makes it far more interesting to watch.

    1. This is why I’ve really started to like him.

      Gabiru has probably never been in a serious war. He doesn’t have all the facts and even if he did he might not understand them all. It isn’t that he dislikes his father or even thinks he’s a bad ruler, we’ve seen him hesitate a little at times because of that, it is because naming him has made him “special” and something other monsters will look up to, it has made him probably more intelligent, stronger and braver but that doesn’t instill wisdom. Age, mistakes, battles… Those are the things that his father has that he doesn’t and whilst Gabiru and his father want the same things his father makes decisions based on the wisdom he has learnt over time whilst Gabiru looks at Orcs as low class Monsters that him with his intelligence and strength can beat down. He knows nothing of the Orc Lord or the terrors he brings and whilst WE know he’s wrong to do what he does there will always be people who WANT to fight and those who know WHEN to fight.

      This will be a battle that will make Gabiru a great leader because behind all the showing off to his underlings and the silliness he actually IS being a good leader. We see him making a mistake because we know all the facts but whilst a little bit of him wants to prove that he’s ready to take over from his father he is still working to protect his people. His confidence comes from the folly of youth as well as having Gelmund through Laplace pushing him on which is THEIR plan.

      He’s silly and impulsive but we’ve seen that he does care for his father, he cares for his people and his brain has in some way been reprogrammed by being named. He has everything it takes to be a good leader but Gelmund is making sure that he fails for whatever reason he has to make him fail.

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