Zombie Land Saga : Though My Life May Have Ended Once by Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and If Song and Dance Are to be My Fate, Then Carrying the Memories of my Comrades in my Heart as I Sally Forth Shall be my SAGA

Episode 9

Ichido wa Tsukita Kono Inochi, Nan no Inga ka Yomigaeri, Utai Odoru ga Sadame Nara, Tomo e no Omoi o Mune ni Hime, Tsuranuku Made yo Onore no SAGA” (一度は尽きたこの命 なんの因果か蘇り 歌い踊るが宿命なら 親友への想いを胸に秘め 貫くまでよ己の SAGA)

If you just want to give up now you’ve read the title you are completely welcome too. That was one hell of a title and if you can’t guess it is because it is a Saki episode.

Honestly it was a really good episode to show off Saki’s past.

This is where this series really went wrong, this should have been what it was about in the first place. Each individual character being able to show off who they are, getting to write and sing from the heart and then move on to the next. It spent too long focusing on the same story and whilst I guess I understand why some of the older characters might not have something like friends and family they can bring in to make a story like that there are so many other things you can do.

Instead we get pretty much the same characters all the time.

Saki’s old bike gang struggling and her old friends kid nearly having the same fate as her was a heart breaking story to tell and was told in such a Saki way that I just couldn’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. More then any other episode it breached out from the group itself and explored the world as it is today and the ramifications of some of these characters lives in history. Saki is a legend but she knows damn well she’s a legend not worth looking up too and she has a chance to save her bike club, her friends kid and others from the fate she has had.

Then we got a really cool song and a return of their first ever fans.

When the show tries it can do just about anything it wants. Too often it has fallen back on Ai and Junko with truly poor Idol drama storylines instead of embracing its difference to others in this genre.

They are zombies therefore they shouldn’t fear anything.

They have pasts so there are going to be remnants of their lives still out there.

They aren’t really Idols so their tastes in music and the directions they will want to take are going to be different from person to person.

Zombie Land Saga had the ability to switch it up all the time and it never really pulled the trigger and whilst this is another episode that proves that it can be different it is also another sad reminder that they just didn’t care enough to do that in the first place. They didn’t want to do something different, they kept promising that they’ll do something different but then never did anything.

Still I’m all for cute moments with the team like the van ride back home after the confrontation in the park, the fact they forget they are zombies and do some stupid things that leave them in weird positions and just the dynamics in the group itself. I like the series in general but it is frustrating thinking of what they could have done compared to what they decided to do.


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