That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime : Gabiru is Here!

Episode 11

Gabiru Sanjō!” (ガビル参上!)

We met Gabiru last episode, a named Lizard man, son of the chieftain, sent out to rally the Goblins against the Orcs who are marching forward in a army of 200,000 under the presence of the Legendary Orc Lord.

If you were looking for boring Lizard men like in Overlord LOOK AGAIN! There will be no sexy, sexy time for Gabiru… Mainly because he’s a bit of a idiot.

Gabiru is like Prince Charming out of Shrek. He’s just a big dummy and does the entire Prince Charming stuff. Thing is that underneath it all he is actually pretty smart and could be a viable threat if it wasn’t for the fact that he looks down on pretty much everyone and everything. He doesn’t believe a mere Slime like Rimuru could be the master of a village and have tamed the Direwolves but instead of thinking why he just gets on his high horse, offering freedom to Ranga and his pack.

A smart person would look at a “weak” Slime, see what is going on and actually question the situation.

On a similar note he looks down on the Hobgoblins and doesn’t take the threat of Gobuta seriously.

OK sure Rimuru doesn’t either but at least that is based on actually just knowing Gobuta compared to the other Hobgoblins, he doesn’t look down on Gobuta because he thinks he’s weak he just knows roughly where his skills lies.

If Gabiru actually stopped wasting time by thinking he was right and doing things to get the cheers of his group then he might be a foe worthy of Rimuru. Well maybe not because I don’t see him being as strong as Rimuru but he might be able to out think him in some ways. Instead his life is aimed at proving he is better then his father, being theatrics and getting the love and attention of his people.

Gobuta was the stand out of the episode, it was nice to see that Ranga kind of entrusted the Direwolves with him, how far he has come and how his power is growing. He gains poison resistance by eating Shion’s food and is able to travel himself through the shadow space that he learnt to call the Direwolves from earlier.

Turns out Gobuta might be one of the most interesting characters.

The Gabiru stuff was bookended by funny stuff in the village and a dryad named Treynai who comes to ask Rimuru to help defeat the Orc army that is being led by the Orc Lord.

Again I kind of wished the dryad was a dude or ugly or just different from the ridiculous visions that Rimuru had in his head mainly because it is just another beautiful female for him to be woman handled by but also because at this point he is always right and it would be nice if for once he was shocked by how wrong he’d be.

I like the village and whilst I see that they want to push forward with action and drama filled stories I wouldn’t mind having a few that just saw day to day life with the people he has got around him. Even with the little amount of time they all have had on screen the bigger players in the story all have pretty unique and fun personalities. I would kind of just like to see them all hang out like we got to see Kurobe and Kaijin just chilling and talking about forging.

Kinda excited to see what happens with the Orc Lord though because he looks terrifying if I’m honest.


One thought on “That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime : Gabiru is Here!”

  1. Gobuta was very cool in this episode (after he gained poison resistance) and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing where this whole thing with the lizards/orcs ends up going.

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