5 Things… My 5 Must Listen Christmas Songs!

So by now you’ll be sick of hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go, I know that Anna is being the Grinch that she is, but here are my 5 Fav songs this time of year!

5. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens

I mean let’s face it how much more jolly can you get then to listen to this?

It makes you want to stand up and dance and is actually a really nice message, he’s wishing everyone a merry Christmas not just one person. It really gets you into the holiday spirit and is a must have for any Christmas party.

4. Stop the Cavalry – Jona Lewie

I don’t know why but I really love this song. As a kid I thought it was really fun but then as I grew up I heard the lyrics properly and it is really sad as well as being uplifting and I think that is a Christmas thing all over.

No matter what happens in life on Christmas you try and keep a cheerful face on things. I dunno I just really love this song.

3. Where Are You Christmas – Faith Hill

One of my all time favourite Christmas movies is that Live Action Grinch movie and I think this is a underrated Christmas song of our generation. It is beautiful and sweet and I hate how forgotten it can be.

2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

I like happy sounding songs, I like my classics and this is one of the ones that I love the most. It is fun and just fully reminds me of Christmas.

To be honest as a kid I never really looked at the videos of these songs they were just the songs played at dances, parties and over the radio but looking at them as a adult it is pretty scary to be fair. Still this song is one that I even sing during the Summer because… Well who doesn’t wish it was Christmas every year?!

1. Merry Christmas Everyone – Slade

I know, I know. Big surprise right!

I love this song and have since I was a kid and it isn’t Christmas until I’m up on a table singing this as loud as my little lungs will let me. It is THE Classic, the one that always gets played and like most of my favourite songs is just upbeat and something you can sing along too.

It is Christmas for me.


Everyone has a favourite and not so favourite Christmas song though! Our First Christmas on here we did a whole playlist of them and next year we will probably highlight them all again.

Which songs are essentially Christmas for you? Let us know!

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