Goblin Slayer : Dozing

Episode 10

Madoromu no naka de” (まどろむの中で)

There is a lot to talk about in this episode basically to set up what will be the last story before the series ends.

Can you guess what it’ll be?

So that bit a while back with the three adventurers taking on the Demon Lord was actually real time events and they’ve… Well…. Taken down the Demon Lord so that isn’t where this entire thing is going. Goblin Slayer seems to have wanted, one day, to be a adventurer like them and it is weird at the beginning of the episode to get that look into what he wanted to be before the Goblin thing. In fact there was a huge kind of “what happens next” vibe to the entire episode, not so much story wise but with Goblin Slayer in general.

Will he ever make it to retirement?

What does the future hold?

Will he ever get over the Goblin thing?

This isn’t the episode for that though, it asked a lot of questions and in a way showed how far he had come but in general it really was just another rest episode where we got to see the Fellowship of Goblin Slayers hang out, get drunk and just generally be themselves.

Nice change of pace but it makes you wonder why they made the entire Demon Lord thing sound so important when it was so easily done with in the background by three characters who we never really met and who we have no real connection too. It seems odd because it feels like there will be something happening afterwards but with 2 episodes left and the obvious ending to the season probably about to happen there just doesn’t seem to be any need for that part of the story in general.

I mean it was a good way to introduce the Fellowship but we didn’t need to see the there adventurers beat him or anything of the sort.

So what looks like it’ll happen in the next two episodes?

By the end of the episode we finally get that shocking picture we had been waiting for. Goblin footprints outside the farm where Cow Girl lives. As she likes to sleep naked by a window I’m guessing she might have been kidnapped already or she’ll be the target of a kidnapping. It ended with the footprints being seen to us but nothing more.

The series has been too all over the place to be honest. I guessed this was going to happen with all the reminders of his daily rituals and just the focus on her all the time talking about him in such a caring manner. At the same time because we’ve seen it and because it has been in the back of our mind it also just feels kind of a let down to end the series now.

The episode didn’t really do much for me to be honest. It was fine.


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