Doctor Who : The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

It has crept up on us but we are here at the season finale of the first of Thirteen’s era. We’ve been all over, seen many new faces and visited so many cool historical points in time.

But here we are. On Ranskoor Av Kolos.

The series ended on a really decent high. It had everything that has made the series so good showcased in one.

Stunning location, wonderful guest cast, amazing main cast with some lovely little moments and action and drama galore. Not only that but we started with a kind of scary bad guy and we end with his return.

It was a nice way to end the season having it circle back to Tzim-Sha and the only thing that really ruined it was that there seemed to be little actual thought on where they’d put parts of Graham and Ryan’s development throughout the series. It was very much the same thing over and over and sometimes it felt like it had been placed in the most ridiculous way and didn’t feel natural. There has been such a big emphasis on those two and their struggles and I think the connection to It Takes You Away and Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos should have been stronger.

You had one episode where Graham is faced with having to turn his back on Grace and him and Ryan finally bond to what felt like a bit of a step back. It just didn’t mesh well and whilst the story itself was lovely and we saw Graham be the bigger man and him and Ryan bond even more I still feel like maybe It Takes You Away should have been episode 8 over 9 to give that gap between two big moments with Graham and Ryan and let it breath. The Witchfinder would have been a perfect gap filler to those two moments and as it is it just felt very heavy once more.

Still I enjoyed it.

Samuel Oatley didn’t have as much to do with Tzim-Sha as he previously had but he came across every bit as scary a individual and challenger for the Doctor as he had too. The way he used the Ux, a species that only ever have two alive at one time and can control reality with their minds, was sad in such a way that it made him come across as even more evil then just being a heartless killer. Two Ux who really believed him to be the Creator and whose belief was slightly shaken when they realised just what they had been doing. I loved both Phyllis Logan as Andinio and Percelle Ascott as Delph, the ending to the episode where they work with Yas and the Doctor to return the planets to their places in space nearly made me cry, the Doctors “it’s not OK” to Delph when she explained that what was going to happen was painful and he said it was OK was such a wonderful moment for the Doctor, showing that even when it needs to be done she isn’t happy to be hurting anyone, that it just made the entire scene even more difficult to watch.

Was underwhelmed with Mark Addy which is a shame because I love him in everything I see him in but Paltraki wasn’t really that important to the episode as a whole and didn’t do much. He was just there as another face and I honestly can’t really tell you anything he did do of any great importance.

As a finale it was much smaller scale then Eleventh’s era, I never made it to a Twelfth Doctors season finale so don’t know what they were like. It doesn’t feel like we’re watching the finale of a series which I like because it will be much easier for them just to start season 12 off with a random episode with all our favourites back. It even means the New Year special doesn’t have to be that off the cuff like some of Eleven’s were because something HUGE had happened in the finale.

To be honest I’m not sure if much of what I’ve said makes sense. I really enjoyed the episode and the guest cast as a whole and as always the TARDIS Fam were amazing. It was beautiful, it was a tightly written episode that had some amazing moments in it.

I’ll be writing a look at the season as a whole which will be out tomorrow and hopefully I’ll make more sense in that.

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