That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : The Orc Lord

Episode 10

Ōku Rōdo” (オークロード)

The Ogres have gone back to the village with Rimuru so now all that is left is for us to hear their story and probably see them get named.

Which IS pretty much most of the episode to be honest.

I didn’t like the transformation of the Ogres into Kijins if I’m honest. Like the other transformations have been wild but these have just basically made the Ogres look less battle worn, less like warriors and in one case a middle aged man for the joke of all the others being hot and cool and him being a middle aged man. That would be Kurobe who looked like he could murder a army in one hand before being turned into basically Rimuru as a human before all this.

Honestly I get it, you can’t always have a OMG moment when these things happen and the redesign being more of a streamlining them and I guess making them stronger in other ways is important. I just was hoping that Benimaru, the leader, would look super cool and he actually looked cooler as a Ogre.

Other then that it was a pretty boring episode.

We meet the Lizard Men, we learn a little about the Majin’s and we learn about the Orc Lord.

So we’ll start with the Majin’s I guess.

So Gelmund is the guy who is going around naming random monsters, he’s the one that named that one Goblin who was killed all those episodes ago, he also named one of the Lizard Men Gabiru but when he offered to name Benimaru he was turned down which lead to this invasion of Orcs, I’m guessing the Orc we saw Gelmund name back along, under a different Majin with a clown face mask, don’t forget that Gelmund’s is the plague doctor mask, not long after.

So these are the Demon Lords and it seems that Gelmund is building a army of Orcs which is being led by a different Demon Lord but it also seems like he is trying to put another underlying level in this plan. We see with Gabiru that he wants to undermine his father because he thinks he’s so much better being named and being opinionated, his followers believe in him because of the name and whilst he plans on fighting the Orcs there is that feeling that if Gelmund showed up and told him that he should fight WITH the Orcs and then Gelmund would make him chieftain that he might actually go that way.

I mean you aren’t going to go around naming random Monsters just to kill them all are you?

I’m not really sure what the next step is going to be, I’m pretty sure there is zero chance that Gabiru is going to bow to Rimuru so I can see him joining Gelmund, that would mean that I guess a different Lizard Man would have to come forward to join forces with Rimuru. I’m guessing more then Gelmund it’ll be the Clown Face that ends up being the Big Bad of the season in the end or at least this part of it, I can see it only taking a few more episodes before the Orc Lord appears.

I guess it’ll be the biggest threat Rimuru has faced but it feels weird saying that knowing that he faced Ifrit, I mean based purely on numbers you have to go for the Orcs being the biggest threat but at the same time it just feels weird that Orcs of any numbering would out weight something life Ifrit.

Either way it was a decent episode.

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