Goblin Slayer : There and Back Again

Episode 9

Yukite, kaerishi” (往きて、還りし)

…. A Hobbits Tale by Biblo Baggins.

So it is now cannon that this entire thing is just a LotR fan boys ridiculous fan fiction.

We’re even down in the mines of Moria, trapped because of a loud noise with our own little Fellowship ready to fight. Once again we get the “What is in my pocket” line and there you have it, Shredder Baggins, Fellowship of the Goblin Slayers, the Caverns of Moria and lots and lots of Goblins.

This is the strangest version of Lord of the Rings I’ve ever laid eyes on, specially as I never thought I’d see Legolas legit want to bang Aaragon.

This episode wasn’t much of anything. Goblin Slayer isn’t much of anything. I realise very much now that there is a lot happening on screen most of the time but the stories in this show are pretty empty and hollow feeling.

Let’s take the actual story of this entire thing.

Piecing together the confusing mess that is the conversations Goblin Slayer and Sword Maiden have had this ENTIRE THING is down to Sword Maiden being scared of Goblins, too scared no one would believe she was scared of them so she had to send for the Goblin Slayer to do the job that she was too scared to do and couldn’t ask for help with because no one would believe that she was that scared.

She’s a hero who is terrified of Goblins because she was raped by them as a kid?

I don’t really get her time line but surely as a hero if it was after the Goblin thing then she’d have had to face the Goblins whilst facing the Demon Lord so how did she ever become this great hero? If it was BEFORE she was 15 how did she become a great hero then get raped by Goblins?

I just don’t understand it and it is just random drama for the sake of having random drama because let us be honest.

There isn’t much of a story in “dude witnessed sister being raped by Goblins so only wants to fight Goblins forever.” So instead of having interesting characters with interesting requests that naturally lead to him having to face more then just Goblins they have half baked stories that are just boring and empty.

Well the Fellowship wins, the battle was pretty cool and they destroyed the entire place they were in. The mirror was a portal being used by the goblins and Goblin Slayer encased it in concrete and sent it to its watery grave, they are on their way home to make Ice Cream and to be honest….

I would happily watch a series of just random adventures of the Goblin Fellowship without them going after Demon Lord Sauron or fighting Goblins or whatever. That is good. The rest of the series is bad. Very bad.

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