That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : Attack of the Ogres

Episode 9

Ōga no Shūgeki” (大鬼族オーガの襲撃)

Kind of the opening story ended and we’re into the next big story. So in come the Ogres…

Again it wasn’t that interesting of a episode, it was fun to watch but it was mainly there for two reasons.

To give us information on what powers Rimuru now has and the abilities his human form have.

To show off the power of the Ogres and introduce new, nameless monsters that I’m sure Rimuru will name.

For the first I’m so happy they didn’t go down the route of having Rimuru act creepy with his body. It seems that it is, in its child form at least, sexless so that he CAN’T be creepy anyway but he also then makes adult copies in male and female form and did instantly disperse the female form because he at least has a tiny bit of decency knowing that it was the form of Shizu.

So far having a human body doesn’t really seem to do much for him, it’ll help him get into places easier and stop the “OMG a Slime” stuff happening but at the same time because he wants to use Shizu’s mask to hide his power it’ll bring new problems with it seeing that there seems to be a lot of people doing not so nice things wearing masks.

Cue the Ogres.

They attack because they already knew I guess that Rimuru was in charge of the Goblins? I don’t really know, they attack the Goblins when Rimuru isn’t there and their entire reasoning for doing so in the end was because Rimuru is wearing a similar mask to the one that someone who destroyed their village was wearing. Problem is if it is the guy from the last episode I’m pretty sure he was wearing a white plague Doctors mask so either they really can’t tell the difference between masks or there are a whole bunch of masked people running around making wearing the mask… Not that brilliant of a idea to be honest.

The fight was decent enough, it wasn’t really a fight. You got glimpses of the Ogres and Goblins going at it, little tidbits about how the Orcs had destroyed the Ogre village (and I apologise if I call the Ogres Orcs at all in this review I just keep accidentally typing it) and a showing of power from Rimuru but other than that and the news that none of them have names there isn’t really much more to say.

The Ogres are pretty cool, I like the Prince and the old man, then again they were really the only two that had much presence in the episode other than the Princess who stood by on the sidelines and watched thanks to Rangar.

Impressive looking episode but nothing really happened which is pretty much the MO for this show in general.

Obviously now that Rimuru is kind of befriending the Ogres we’ll see him go on to tackle their problems, as he does, which will probably lead to a new lead on either what he wants to do to help Shizu’s memory or something completely different. I keep hoping that it’ll give us something meatier but I feel that this story is going to fly by too.

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