Goblin Slayer : Whispers and Prayers and Chants

Episode 8

Sasayaki to inori to eishō” (囁きと祈りと詠唱)

So we finally get to understand the “some views might be disturbed” warnings at the beginning and it isn’t about the horrific things that Goblins do…

No it seems to be a warning about the ridiculous style they want to draw bodies at the beginning of this episode.

Those bodies being Goblin Slayers and the Sword Maidens, though we also got to see a naked Priestess which was unnecessary. I don’t know what was going through whomever drew his body but I’m sure they’ve never seen a six pack or a male body before. It looked grotesque and not in the way it was probably meant to either, it was out of proportion and just made Goblin Slayer look…. Strange. Then Sword Maiden seems to have balloons stuck down her top instead of breasts, I know, I know… It’s a anime/Japan/Gaming thing to have women with breasts that defy gravity and biology but whilst she was well endowed in the episodes we’ve seen her in before this time out her breasts had a life of their own!

Is it worth mentioning at all?

Yes because I had to stop crying with laughter at how bad not only the animation was but how stupid they made the Sword Maiden sound whilst telling Goblin Slayer about being raped by Goblins. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THAT FUNNY?! How is something like that ever something someone can laugh at?

I dunno but they managed it.

I mean to be fair we now know that Goblin Slayer was actually trained by Master Splinter who had taken lessons in riddles from Bilbo Baggins. Seriously though whatever it was that was talking to him looked and acted like a human rat and then asked that one pesky riddle that won Bilbo the One Ring. No wonder the guy is messed up, it wasn’t helplessly watching his sister be raped and murdered by Goblins but being stuck being trained by the love child of a hobbit and a mutant rat.

Other than that it was all about Goblin Slayer opening up a little to Priestess as well as them fighting a giant eyeball in the sewers. It isn’t much of a episode but they now have found a magic mirror which I’m guessing is going to be fun next episode.

I really like the group when they are together now, the Fellowship (and oh my goodness with the Bilbo reference this just makes it even funnier and truer!) really have a great chemistry and just work. The different personalities, the clashes, the camaraderie. It just makes it so much nicer to watch. Goblin Slayer doesn’t really develop as a character so much as learns how to interact. The girl on the farm and the people in the guild seem happy enough to leave him too it whilst this group forces him to open up so he does. Is that better then actual character development? Not really but this is very much like a game and it is more a game characters development then anything else.

You know, start off as the moody mysterious type and end up having to sort out the groups squabbles as well as being constantly questioned and talked at by them and suddenly, even if you pick the most pointless answers you are naked in bed with one of them.

Dragon Age. Those were the days.

I’m still pretty sure that Cow Girl is actually going to be kidnapped by Goblins and we’ll end the series with him going to save her.

Actually I’m not convinced of that because we’re so close to the end and it looks like he’ll probably come face to face with the Demon Lord or something BUT I feel if we get a second series that will happen. It is just building up to that, her constantly being told he won’t return, her constantly saying she’ll wait, him always checking for Goblins at the farm, him going away for longer periods of time…

Either that or she’ll get jelly of all these balloon breasts he hangs out with.

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