5 Things… 5 Wintery Pokemon I’d love to be friends with

So I am a geek that loves Pokemon and with Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee keeping me company this winter I thought we’d look at 5 Wintery Pokemon that at this time of the year I would love to be friends with.

Please feel free to tell me yours in the comments below!



A Gen IV Pokemon that looks like it has a snowy mountain top on top of his head. Introduced in the Diamond/Pearl era it just has a cute name and looks adorable.

Imagine…. A snowy day… You and your Snover are taking a walk, all the puns, all the good times. He seems like the perfect little dude to spend some snowy time with!




OK so we all roll our eyes from time to time when the new Pokemon are announced and they turn out to be something as stupid sounding as a Ice Cream Pokemon but let us face it….

Christmas time would be pretty cool with a Ice Cream friend right?

Not that you’d want to eat your new friend, oh no, but going around the stores with your Ice Cream pal would be pretty darn cool. Even his evolution’s are pretty sweet, specially Vanilluxe.

So whether you want this adorable little bastard for ever and ever or go through the evolution’s you’ll always have a sweet treat as a friend and that is pretty cool.



Generation V isn’t stopping with a living Ice Cream OH NO! They also gave us the Snow Flake Pokemon of Cryogonal.

I’m waiting for a future Evolution of a Snowman or something. Jack Frost… Anything.

When it is snowing though, again with the snow I guess, it would be nice to have a little flake of your own following you around. Maybe it’ll be all happy to see real snow flakes. Maybe it’ll just float there doing nothing.

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

Honestly only added him because he was a Snow Flake shape, I realised afterwards that I really hated Black and White and don’t think I ever even got far enough in them to catch one. I did just read that they turn into steam though so these things could be the thing of nightmares, sentient steam….



So this has been full of Gen V Pokemon, probably because they went pretty heavy on funny looking new Pokemon but Cubchoo and his evolved form of Beartic are two Pokemon that I would LOVE to have as a friend over the Winter period.

Focusing on Cubchoo he is adorable, fluffy looking and honestly in need of a cuddle.

What better way to spend those cold Christmas nights then cuddled up to a cute little Teddy Pokemon?

Well probably cuddling up to the big bear Pokemon it evolves into and that doesn’t have a wet drip coming out of its nose.

Yeah probably that.



To be honest this is a mercy placing. She is the original of Ice Pokemon and manages to kind of look Christmassy without actually looking it. I hated Jynx as a kid because they always managed to kill me in the games, I hated Ice Pokemon because of her but there is no denying that there just wouldn’t be a Ice Cave or a Snowy Poke thought without a Jynx somewhere nearby.

Yes Jynx, you are the number one Pokemon at this time of the year that I would like to spend some time with. It will probably be the only award you ever get. Let us be friends Jynx, please let’s.



And that is it! Those are the Pokemon that I would spend my Christmas time with.

To be honest the real answer is just to snuggle up to a Flareon or Charmander but we have to give Ice Pokemon their due sometimes. It isn’t their fault they aren’t a cuddly, sweet looking Fire Pokemon.


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