Zombie Land Saga : Go Go Neverland SAGA

Episode 8

GoGo Nebārando SAGA” (GoGoネバーランド SAGA)

Finally, maybe, just maybe we’ll be over the entire Ai and Junko story line and even if the other girls don’t get a chance to take the spotlight maybe we’ll get a decent group story going.





The answer is yes!

After so long listening to those two twits bicker and feel sorry for themselves, not even really over the fact that they are dead, we finally get a Lily centered episode that made me cry.

Not going to lie I didn’t really get a lot of what was happening. Lily is actually a boy that played a girl on TV and died through stress and finding she’d grown facial hair. I’m not really sure if Lily wanted to be Lily or if that was just her not wanting her fame to die and to grow up, it didn’t really go into who Lily is or anything like that which I think is a horrible thing but also kind of suited Lily I guess.

I mean it was played for more of a joke which is unfair, it was a important part of her character but it has been hand waved away now as “because I’m a zombie and will never grow I’ll always be Lily” but I feel we missed a chance to really get to know Lily.

That could have been handled better but the main point of the story was brilliant.

It was the first time that the girls had been recognized but the person recognizing them has done more then just stand around going “I know I know her from somewhere” like the reporter does. In this episode Lily’s actual father notices her and becomes the main focus of the episode along with Lily, the entire point of finding out how she died was to learn why she was a child actress/actor in the first place.

Her father.

I said in the episode before this that there was so much to dig into when it came to Yugiri and I never meant to forget that the same could be said for Lily because I knew there was a whole bunch of things that we could learn about all the characters we are yet to know anything about.

Lily’s relationship with her father is actually one of the best stories so far in this series and it was able to be trickled down into one episode. A perfect story from beginning to end, introducing the imposing and scary figure that is Takeo Go just to find out that he’s actually a big softie that loves his child and TV. The fact that Lily became a child star so that her father could see her on TV was adorable and it was sad that whilst they both loved each other her father became obsessed with supporting her and they grew distant enough that Lily was so stressed she could die over something as small as having facial hair.

It was the song at the end that had me crying my eyes out.

It was such a beautiful song with a lovely message in the middle and I just loved it.

The episode is one of my favourite so far.

What I will say though is it proved that the writers can write stories that have a decent beginning, middle and end and stick it in one episode so why nearly half the damn series was about Ai and Junko and we’re only just now getting stories about the others I don’t know. It really annoys and upsets me, the preview for next week looks like it’ll be looking at Saki and I just have to wonder how nice it would have been if we had gotten this at the beginning of the series instead of having to wait until now for it.

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