Zombie Land Saga : But it’s Zombiemental SAGA

Episode 7

Keredo Zonbimentaru SAGA” (けれどゾンビメンタル SAGA)

Another dose last episode of the Junko and Ai have to be the center of attention show, let’s hope that they’ll finally put the last of their baggage to one side and we can move on to something more interesting then them two bickering with each other and everyone else.

They kind of do I guess but I thought that last time and look where we are today.

Junko is still just a bother in the biggest sense, I mean her whole problem was so simple to sort out “just tell them it is your character” and suddenly she’s OK? In the end it wasn’t anything to do with principals it was all to do with her being a spoilt brat. Other girls there are from similar time periods and much different backgrounds but none of them are sitting there having a stroppy because they have to talk to fans.

It was ridiculous and still is.

Ai on the other hand I get and it was nice that Junko snapped out of her brattish moment to help her on stage when the thunder and lightening started.

Other than them two basically getting over themselves there wasn’t much to the episode. I enjoyed Tae kind of mimicking Saki backstage but the other girls were once more shoved to the back so we can deal with Ai and Junko then we had two really good songs performed before the end of the episode.

There is always a fear when a main cast is so huge that not all of them will get the stories they deserve, this time it is unforgivable though. Ai and Junko have been umming and ahhing about this entire thing since they woke up and a whole bunch of stories have gone down the same road of them two not wanting to be there, having a moment where they realise it is where they belong and going out to perform before wheeling back to them not wanting to be in the group.

We’ve gone from them not accepting it, to just not wanting to do it to now having “reasons” for being their annoying selves and the horrible thing is BOTH OF THEM STILL FEEL LIKE THE SAME CHARACTER! Whilst Ai, for me, is now more likable they have nothing unique about them other then labels and time periods. They act the same, they do the same things and their both their stories are centered around themselves and the other.

When we’ve looked broader it has mainly been to Saki and Sakura but at least they had tender moments and it was over in a timely fashion leaving room for, potentially, others to fill that gap and us to get to know them all. Even if it focused on Sakura as the main getting to know the others, talking them around and being the leader without being named leader it would have been good.

Instead we know literally nothing about Lily or Yugiri who are more walking stereotypes of this kind of genre then anything else. No one seems interested in knowing who Tae is even though they’ve had access to a computer and could go looking. Everything has been about basically bringing the only two bloody Idols together to make a bloody Idol group.

The entire “out of time” thing that Junko had would have been a perfect story for Yugiri who is REALLY out of time to shine, instead she was grown up enough to say that she doesn’t want to hold people back with her confusion over things so will just go with the flow and pick it up slowly. She was a bloody courtesan, there is so much to dig into, she’s the nominated big sister of the group, such a interesting character with some really nice personality traits but we’ve yet, at episode 7, to really have any story revolve around her.

I’m fed up of Ai and Junko and whilst I wished it was a bit more like the first episode, I wish there was more zombie stuff in it like in the hotel and I’d also like more comedy relating to the horror aspects of this entire thing it’ll be Junko and Ai that ruin this entire series for me.

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