That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : Inherited Will

Episode 8

Uketsugareru Omoi” (受け継がれる想い)

So Rimuru was able to separate the being Ifrit from the body of Shizu, but as we now know she’s a old women how is that going to effect her?

By killing her.

This was a really weird episode in so much it feels like a end of the season type episode.

So we’ve talked about its pace before how it manages to go way too fast with some things and I think this is why. They’ve put a seasons worth of information, character development and story line into 8 episodes, at times they’ve stuck on things not so important for too long and other times rushed important things so that they don’t really feel that big or important anymore.

Episode 8 felt like a ending and a beginning but it felt like if they had just done this series in two halves and calmed the hell down in the first half of it and had this like the mid-season end at episode 12 we’d have had a better time of it. As it is Rimuru is finally out of the tutorial mode of his life and pushing on to something better.

The inherited will the title mentions is Shizu’s as she dies and is eaten, on request and in no way in the kinky meaning of it, by Rimuru who now can take on a human form that looks like a more gender neutral form of Shizu with blue-ish hair and lighter eyes. He promises to find Leon Cromwell, the Demon Lord who brought her here, and pass on her final wishes which gives the series a purpose now and a human formed protagonist when he wants to be.

It just feels like a lot of what went before was unneeded.

At the same time I loved it all, I loved the characters we met and I don’t like that they now feel unneeded.

I guess it is a hard one though because so much happened and if you think about it whilst a lot of it could be fleshed out more, more character moments added in and less of Rimuru giving us giant speeches about what we’ve just seen or what is going on, there also isn’t a lot going on. Would 4 more episodes be needed? Could they have condensed it more? I don’t know but they’ve managed to make the prologue of Rimuru’s adventures seem rushed, drawn out and pointless all in one breath.

Don’t really like the human form of Rimuru if only because I do get fed up of the him being a virgin and acting like a teenage virgin instead of a grown assed man and him now being in what looks like a female body that comes over as being gender neutral whilst not being the biggest thing in the world just makes me worry about the stupid nature of jokes going forward. He’s going to go off and meet more people, less Goblins, now then before and I am going to be holding my breath every time for some ridiculous joke. If none come I’ll probably look back on it and feel bad I judged it before I’d seen what was coming but THE VERY FIRST JOKE I TELL YOU YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT IT HERE IN LENGTH AS I SCREAM AT YOU ALL!

Liked that we got some foreshadowing at the end where a guy  gave a Orc (why the Orc’s are pig men I don’t know) a name and told him that he’d be the Great Orc Disaster in the Forest. This is probably what will force Rimuru out, it’ll be the proper first major threat to his new village and will probably prove he is no longer needed or something.

Thinking in video game stories for a anime is hard.


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