Goblin Slayer : Onward Unto Death

Episode 7

Shi e susume” (死へ進め)

There is something going on in the sewers and until the job is done I guess we’ll be living in the sewers with the team as they try and empty them out and get down to the root of the Goblin problem for the Sword Maiden.

Just I’m not sure they’ll be entering anything for the foreseeable future as the Goblin Champion in one swipe of his hand was able to throw Goblin Slayer across a room and seemingly injure him badly.

In fact this raid was pretty bad for the entire team, though the Shamans seem to have gotten off light. Probably because they are dudes and didn’t stand around panicking.

To be honest I found it hard to concentrate and care for this episode. It just felt long winded at the beginning and my attention really caught on when they started to fight. I wasn’t too sure what the Sword Maiden wanted other than to maybe toughen up the Priestess and get her to work on focusing because she won’t always have the Goblin Slayer there, I probably misread the entire conversation though because it bored me, but if that was what she wanted it went completely wrong because Priestess freaked the hell out when Goblin Slayer was down and got herself badly injured by the Goblin Champion herself.

Very nearly got a repeat of her first exploration as the Elf had the majority of her clothes ripped off and if the Dwarf hadn’t happened to be nearby would have ended up having the same fate as the Priestess’ first companions.

It was the first time in a long time that they REALLY were in trouble. I think the Ogre is a little different because obviously Goblin Slayer knew nothing about Ogre’s and there was a magic get out of jail free card hanging about in his bag, whilst he was able to defeat the Goblin Champion in the end this is something he actually knew about and still nearly failed to defeat.

I guess they were ambushed first though.

Interesting path to go down though by making the Priestess look so weak after everything that happened to her. She was easily distracted by the words of the Sword Maiden and let her guard down, breaking the protection she had cast and not being any more help in the battle after. I was hoping to see a little bit of progression and the Priestess doing something heroic and helping to defeat the Goblin Champion, instead she had a chunk bitten out of her and her only real help was screaming and waking a second wind in the Goblin Slayer.

Very weak episode even if the fight was pretty cool, the ending was ridiculous too having to spend a good 2 or 3 minutes looking at the scene through the canaries eyes. Nothing happened and it was too long, if I had known that was basically the end I would have just turned it off but you were waiting for something, maybe something to show up in the doorway and it never came.

I get that we need to have some sort of hardship for the group, they can’t go from adventure to adventure and always come out perfect. I mean they don’t do they? They didn’t come out of their last one in a good way and now they aren’t even to the end of this one, the Goblin Champion for example hasn’t been defeated in the sense the Ogre had it just retreated, but the Goblin Slayer is going to take a while to recover as is the Priestess and with a unknown amount of Goblin’s still in the sewer it is hard to figure out just exactly what they’ll do next.

So actually I was right.

They ARE having a worse time then with the Ogre because at the end of that they were beaten up a bit but they defeated him and walked out victorious.

They haven’t beaten the Goblin Champion, Goblin Slayer is going to take some heavy lifting to remove from the tomb if they can even more him, most of their party is now just beaten horribly or was a second away from being raped and they are no closer to the end of this one then they were when the episode began.

My least favourite episode so far but not surprising as I’ve felt the quality of story telling has been very up and down all season.

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