Zapped : Barrell

This series has actually been pretty good and I have to say this episode might be one of my favourite so far…

Another day and another random woman walks into Brian’s life and he becomes a absolute meanie to poor Barbara who see’s past everything and… Yeah.

I say that like this episode was bad but in actuality I loved the episode. I really thought it was nice to see Barbara stand up for herself a little and whilst Brian was his usual rude self to her the moment a pretty girl flutters her eyelashes at him she got to use his own lines back at him later in the episode which was great. The bickering between the bunch of them on the floor trying to decide who was more in the wrong was also great as was them trying to decide who would stay behind as a hostage.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really enjoyed that the episode in general was a lot smaller then the others. It didn’t really involve any of the other outside characters just the main core, a guest appearance and the fairies being fairies on the outside. It is also the first time I’ve realised that Chestnut seems to have left us which is sad but his replacement is kinda sweet. I don’t like how they’ve tried to make Skylark the new Chestnut. I always liked his more calm approach but in general they are still the funny bunch that they always have been.

Just seeing the gang together doing something together was a nice change as they tend to go about their own lives at the moment and come together at the end when all their adventures coincidentally merge into the final answer for all of them.

For a change I felt bad for Steg whose birthday it was. No one seemed to care, which I guess why would they when he’s horrible to them most of the time, and then he became a hostage. To be fair he was the funniest part of the episode and I have to admit that Kenneth Collard is actually so good as Steg because the amount of work he puts into just being a horrible little bugger is amazing. I loved his swagger into the pub in this episode trying to get them all to notice his new coat. Also whoever does his hair is a genius because it is the ugliest yet most amazing thing on the show.

As I said it was nice to see the gang together and just doing the things that we love seeing them do. It was pretty much a rerun of all the best bits from each character, Howell reacting to strange drinks, Brian falling in love, Barbara being jealous yet not being jealous, Steg being cocky and ignored and Herman just trying his best to make his pub a little more lively. I think that is why it worked so well for me because I kind of miss seeing them all together having adventures together from the comfort of the Jug and the Other Jug. Just small little things that made the episode hilarious without the need of constant visual gags, things like the paper leaving out the letter l which lead to the wonderful “oh so it’s a clock you have hanging on the wall” from Howell. Whilst I love everything about this series so far it was just nice to go back to the comfort of a more focused and small production.

At the end Brian gets his amulet back so I guess we’re back to trying to get him home.

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