Zombie Land Saga : Because It’s Sentimental SAGA

Episode 6

Datte Senchimentaru SAGA” (だってセンチメンタル SAGA)

What would this show be without Ai and Junko being annoying and squabbling?

I don’t know because we’ll never be given the chance to see that seeing after every other episode they have to have a break down…

This time it is over their differing views on what a Idol should be and their relationship with fans.

Junko is very much about being a hero, someone fans can look up to who keeps a clear boundary so that no one can see their imperfections whilst Ai is from our time, a time where that boundary is so blurred that people step over it too often.

Both aren’t wrong but neither are willing to give up their version of just what a Idol is. It once more brings a lot of drama to the gang that is kind of unneeded.

Thing is I get now Ai. She died in such a horrible way, on stage during a performance after being hit by lightning. She wants to stand up there and change her own legend because she doesn’t want to be remembered like that, I get that. I get that we now have a story of her struggling with her feelings of going on stage in the open because of it. Those are all things I get even if they are stupid because she’s performed outside before and didn’t have a problem with Saga Rock until after the storm.

I don’t get Junko though.

Times change and there is nothing in her story, that she died in a plane crash, that really means she has to be so hard headed or that anyone should listen to her complaints. At the end of the day times change and so should she and whilst the others went to Ai to try and get her to change her mind and apologise I think it was Junko that they should have gone too. At the end of the day the world is different for the vast majority of them, Yugiri for example in this episode just admits she doesn’t want to be confused so just goes with the flow. I don’t get why Junko was so defensive about something so unimportant.

Is taking a photo with a fan really that awful of a thing?

I feel they’ve made her character a complete soggy cabbage. All she does is find fault, she offers no suggestions to the group and is just there to cause drama all the time. This should be Ai’s story, this should be us getting to know one of the three characters with the least amount of personality. Instead they’ve once more strung Junko along with this story trying to make her as important when in actual fact she’s just a bore.

So yet another episode is going to have to be devoted to these two squabbling, not wanting to be part of the group and being brats. Great. Wonderful. Just what we asked for.

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