Zapped : Popcorn

Last episode we had Brian trying to introduce our food to Munty and this week, as the title suggests, he gives them the greatest gift of them all.


The entire popcorn plot was quite boring to be honest, overshadowed by both Howell and Slasher Morgan getting together, yes that really happened, and Barbara being used by a uppity little dancer.

It is weird. It felt like it should have been a Brian episode but he just faded in the background and even the popcorn parts of the episode were more Steg focused then Brian. Seeing the two of them square off was hilarious and the fact both failed once more felt great for the audience because it was funny but it was also two horrible little men getting what they deserved in a round about way.

To be honest though even the better parts of the episode didn’t really leave a lasting impression.

Sylvester McCoy stole the show as the Protector once more. He waltz into the episode and gives words of wisdom to everyone, stuff like a carrot is orange but a orange isn’t a carrot, it had me in fits of giggles and with his stature and way of talking he is the perfect fit for the ridiculous overlord of Munty.

Along with him the fairies being… Fairies was hilarious as well. I loved that they didn’t seem to know what a mirror was and it ended with Hawthorn, my favourite fairy, destroying the mirror. Them in the montage for Brian selling the popcorn was also the best part of the montage. Gotta love the fairies.

Howell and Slasher Morgan came as a surprise not because I didn’t think there was a thing there, there has been since the first episode, but because I never thought they’d go there. It has been funny watching the tension between them, the little looks and the way Howell acts like a school girl with a crush around Slasher but it came as a surprise that they played it out. I don’t think it’ll ruin it in any way, there are many ways this can now go.

Loved the parrot plant too. Hilarious idea.

As for Barbara I can not put into words how much I love the character if I’m honest. I felt sorry for her during the majority of the episode but was so happy for her that she not only got to dance, and did a wonderful job of it, but saved the Protectors life and thereby proving her soothsaying powers are correct, she foretold it, and getting her a thank you from the Protector which is a wonderful thing to happen to a wonderful character.

And that is Zapped in a nutshell really isn’t it?

The good characters have nice things happen to them… Other than maybe Herman. The stupid characters get stupid pieces of advice and stupid things happen to them, like the pear seller and the fairies. Then the horrible characters, Brian and Steg, get their businesses shut down, have no luck in love and get stuck where they are with no hope of returning to where they want to be.

Karma is a real bitch in Munty!

One thing I failed to mention in the last episode was that whomever it was that transported to our world had taken over the body of the less impressed employee that was working with Howell, he uses this body to get to Munty so where that is going we’ll have to wait and see but it is a rather dark turn of events for Zapped in general and I can’t wait to see what happens with that!

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