That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime : Conqueror of Flames

Episode 7

Bakuen no Shihai-sha” (爆炎の支配者)

We have met a Summon, Shizu, who has been joined together with Ifrit to make her a weapon. What that means in the long run we’ll just have to wait and find out.

I think a big problem with this show is that it rushes pretty much everything all the time. One episode we learn Rimuru has a “destined one” the next episode she’s there and we get a warning that she is unstable in some way. Right off the bat in the very next episode we learn that Ifrit takes over her body all the time when it see’s something as being a enemy and the poor kid has also killed a friend because of it. In that same episode she brings chaos to the goblin village, obviously it isn’t her fault or anything but Ifrit takes control and burns the village down.

Of course we should all have guessed the moment in the last episode that Ifrit became a thing and we knew he was inside Shizu that Rimuru would eat him. Why wouldn’t Rimuru be even more OP and destroy the bond between Ifrit and Shizu.

I dunno I like that part of the show but I also don’t.

What I did like was that they made the fight hard. Thing is with this kind of thing you have to go in one direction or the other. One Punch Man works so well because they have a OP character who just walks around destroying everyone, things like Fairy Tail and One Piece work because even though their OP characters are very obviously OP they come against stronger and stronger foes and need to tap into themselves to defeat them.

With this it is kind of a cross between the two and it kind of worked. Up until he basically was able to free Shizu from Ifrit I loved it, specially the comedy in him finding out he was immune to fire attacks. I like Predator but I feel it should be harder to separate Shizu from Ifrit just like lifting the spell from Veldora is difficult. I mean I guess there could be more to it going forward but it just seems like a waste of a good story just to get Shizu free, to make Rimuru her hero and to maybe force something between them.

For a series that has 24 episodes apparently it feels so rushed.

Episode wise it was a really good episode though. It built the drama pretty well, it had some good comedy moments, we got to see the trio of idiots be the adventurers we should have guessed they were and Ifrit up until the end was so bloody cool. It is a shame that it kind of fizzled out here and there but overall it was a great episode.

Some of the animation in this episode was just amazing as well, like watching Ranga running about and Rimuru’s colouring at times. It is really so impressive to watch.

2 thoughts on “That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime : Conqueror of Flames”

  1. The pacing is really weird in this anime. The first few episodes felt like barely anything happened and since then it has just been a series of events and characters coming one after the other with very little development and processing time. While I am enjoying this more now than I was, there are still enough issues with it that I’m not super thrilled by it.

    1. Sorry I haven’t replied, not been around!

      Yeah the pacing has been its biggest problem. Sometimes the stories go at a reasonable pace and the next it feels like it is rushing a entire series of development and stories all at once. I really like the show because I like the gaming references and the characters are pretty fun but it bugs me a lot of the time because… Well… It just makes no sense half the time! Well it does make sense it just rushes everything so you are trying to keep up.

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