Goblin Slayer : Goblin Slayer in the Water Town

Episode 6

Mizu no machi no ko onikoroshi” (水の街の小鬼殺し)

In a episode that sounds like a Wonderboy title I guess we are going to get to see the next big mission for Goblin Slayer. I wonder who he brings with him…

So we get to meet the Sword Maiden only a episode after we learnt who she was, she’s the one that has sent the Goblin Slayer the request that he has taken and thankfully he takes the entire Fellowship of Goblin Slayers with him.

It was more a build up to the next big bad guy which looks a bit like another Ogre who is multiplying the Goblins in Water City and sending them out to do a load of nasty stuff. The next episode I guess we’ll come face to face with him but that is for next episode.

This episode was interesting because we got to see what Goblin Slayer has said about Goblins adapting in action. They have managed to figure out how to use boats and launch a water attack on the Adventurers whilst down in the sewers. The fact that the Goblins are adaptable make them a much scarier foe because as Goblin Slayer says they pick up things from fighting adventurers and then use those things against the adventurers in battle. So like the fact adventurers use light sources, they are able to strategies with that, as we saw in the first episode, and also know to follow light sources to find their victims. It is interesting to have a foe that is always adaptable and makes them a much more interesting enemy then you’d first think.

Always changing. Battles are always different. It really makes them more then just Goblins.

Again there isn’t much to say about the episode though.

It is nice that Goblin Slayer is slowly opening up. He doesn’t mind agreeing to do things the way his party wants to do it, he agrees to go on a non-Goblin adventure afterwards and whilst he still needs to learn what a discussion actually is he does take this problem to them instead of just going about his business on his own. He lacks tact and the ability to read a situation but he’s open to letting the others do that for him. He’s getting a lot of development without us really seeing it, he is after all much more like a Goblin and is reacting to the world around him instead of really developing. He knows now that he might need these people so he does what he can to adapt to give himself that comfort zone with them.

Such a interesting way to have the series go.

Really hammering home all the hero stuff at the moment too so I guess it won’t be long before we see how Goblin Slayer and his group slot into it. Priestess and the Sword Maiden are the spiting image of each other and after talking to the Sword Maiden there is a scene where the Priestess slots back into the group in such a way that it looks like this is it. This really is the group that’ll face the Demon Lord for whatever reason, because he ain’t a Goblin so I don’t know why Goblin Slayer would go, and that will be fun to see how they get there.

Also best scene was when something big came out of the water and Goblin Slayer questioned if it was a Goblin and when he saw it was a alligator just went “Not a Goblin” which just angered everyone for him stating the obvious. His single mindedness is my favourite thing about him.

Then again I guess I will leave it on the first two episodes were really dark but if you compare the last few episodes to the first few it is like a completely different thing. Seeing the Goblins and what they do first hand, hearing Goblin Slayers story and watching him work all pointed to this series being just dark and depressing the entire time. At this point though it just isn’t like that at all, Goblin Slayer isn’t in a dark place anymore, he doesn’t do any of the smoking them out and torturing them to kill them all. He has adapted and the style of the show has brightened tremendously so even when bad things happen there is a good deal of light heartedness sprinkled on it. I think the first episode and maybe even the second might have turned some people away from the show who would enjoy it a lot more now then they thought they would.

I’m also not sad that they started the way they did.

I’ve said it before but I like that they instantly put you into this world and said “it ain’t a nice place to be” and gave you enemies that we ourselves would seem as lowly and said “actually this is the fucked up shit they do” and made us all despise them. In a way I like that they got the heavy stuff out of the way, they gave Priestess a good reason to stick with this guy, they made it clear why this guy is the way he is and got all that grizzly stuff out before we got to the more adventure-y type anime we’re seeing now. I don’t think they will keep it this way forever, we saw a glimpse of that darkness at the beginning with the Demon Lord armies having a naked woman strapped to a rock ready to sacrifice but I’m happy we got that dark, grizzly horrible imagery in the first few episodes and now they can add the more cutesy, fun and comedic stuff on top. It makes for a much more interesting show as you don’t know what you’ll get from episode to episode.

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