Zombie Land Saga : The Nice Bird SAGA in Your Heart

Episode 5

Kimi no Kokoro Naisu Bādo SAGA” (君の心にナイスバード SAGA)

I really loved the use of horror cliches in the last episode to make a successful show a disaster in the end. There was a lot to love about Episode 4 so it’ll be interesting to see what Kotaro does next to annoy the girls and try and save Saga.

Really loved this episode.

There isn’t much to say about it though. It was funny, both halves of the episode were completely different as the group try and get their name out there by first staring in a commercial where they were all dressed as chickens and the second half joining the Kashima Gatalympics.

Loved the commercial and them just being crazy dressed as chickens, the Gatalympics was more a horror show of their uselessness but in its way was cutely funny. Tae was the star of both halves, in the first thinking the guy in the chicken suit was a real chicken so trying to eat him and in the second winning the Tarzan rope swing whilst dismembering herself and then not being able to advertise Franchouchou because she is unable to speak.

Now that the group are a unit and not a bunch of people forced together I like the chemistry they have.

Saki works well with Kotaro because they actually have very similar personalities, in this episode they kind of end up on the same page as both of them get excited over the same things but they also work against each other because obviously they are both loud and over the top. Saki and Tae are my favourite of the girls because they are the only ones that really stand out. Yugiri and Lily both have their own unique personality but they don’t really stand out in a episode whilst Sakura, Ai and Junko are pretty much the same character with slight variations to them and are all pretty plain and boring.

One thing we did get from this episode was the one thing that was inevitable from the start.

Someone has recognized one of them.

I can’t figure out if he recognized Sakura or Junko as he seemed to look at both of them, or maybe by the time they were THAT covered in mud I just couldn’t tell the two apart, but he’s recognized them which as I said was inevitable and will give the show a little something different.

It was always something I knew would come because half of these girls were famous in their own right and no matter how long into the future it is for them they must have had some lingering effect on the world. If they all died young and at least three were famous someone was always bound to recognize them.

Only 10 years have passed since Sakura died I believe so this guy could be just about anyone to these girls.


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