Zapped : Chef

With the gang back together it is time for new shenanigans from the entire Munty crew…

I loved all three of the main stories in this episode.

This episode is honestly manic from beginning to end, so many different stories going on all at once.

Herman agrees to let Brian be the chef of the Jug and Other Jug just for a old Army pal to show up and beat Brian to the post. I loved their interactions and once again the show isn’t scared to show the more horrible side of Brian even if he is the main character. At no point do you really feel sorry for him being made to do the things he was being made to do, mainly because he put himself in that position trying to sabotage the guy in the first place.

It all backfired on Brian until the very end which again I love about the series.

It intertwined with the Pet Competition that Barbara was judging. The wonderful Kevlar is back with his singing frog to take on, of all people, Slasher Morgan and her pet pig. It was my favourite part of the episode to be fair because I love the rivalry that Slasher and Kevlar seem to have brewing in the background, the two of them are such opposites but they work so well together, I really loved that it included Howell who was able to go back to being a problem but not THE problem if you get what I mean and of course it had the wonderful Barbara being just… Well wonderful.

The pear guy coming back into the show with his pet pear made me laugh, Sharon Rooney has the perfect facial expressions to react to something as odd as that. It was the perfect Zapped back and forth, a scene that in its weird way just shows the oddness yet brilliance of the series as a whole. The odd ball characters, the weird situations they get into yet just how wonderfully fluid it all is and how believable. I loved it.

Steg was being Steg. His relationship with Sally is nothing that we didn’t really see with Lorelei, whilst there was a sadness to Lorelei in that they could never be together with Sally he could if he just got over the smell and her job. Again I’m sad for Sally because she obviously liked Steg for some reason but it is nice to see that even when she said “lets go to the lake” he didn’t get what he wanted.

Still in two minds over who is worse, Steg or Brian.

Loved the episode, words can’t describe how much I enjoyed it.

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