Goblin Slayer : Adventures and Daily Life

Episode 5

Bōken to nichijō to” (冒険と日常と)

With a Ogre down and his job over for now Goblin Slayer is going to get a easy time of it for now it seems.

This episode was really good in letting us see a different side to Goblin Slayer. To this point he has been single minded in his destruction of everything Goblin. That is him. Goblin Slayer. Nothing else matters to him as long as he is slaying Goblins.

In this episode we see him open up a little bit to the farm girl as well as helping out the two adventurers who wanted the Priestess to join them and the Guild Girl by being a observer for Guild promotions. It was a nice, easy episode with not much going on in Goblin Slayers life but a nice little look into how his single mindedness isn’t exactly bad. He still could fight his way out of any mess with his knowledge, something I think they didn’t really give us in the last episode against the Ogre. He was able to give decent advise for a lower level monster and in doing so helped the young adventurer retrieve his sword.

I do wonder if we’ll ever see more of the other people in the Guild. They kind of build them up a little, and in this episode the only adventure we saw was with the two young ones, but as of yet there is no indication on whether or not they are just side characters that have no real impact on anything at all or whether they are being built up to be more then just side characters.

Not really got much to say on the episode to be honest.

It was fun. Nice change of pace. Nice to see the three guys who were on the adventure with him in the last two episodes kind of say their goodbyes, got a little bit of lore from the Priestess of Justice with the Guild Girl about the heroes that defeated the Demon Lord and saw Priestess has moved up a rank as well as what would earn adventurers a demotion and ban from the Guild.

For me the entire thing is starting to look much more like a blend of Fairy Tail and LotR mixed in together. Obviously Goblin Slayer is going to have to get a fellowship of some sort to fight the Demon Lord just like Aaragon needed his to fight Sauron. The Guild itself became a bit more lively like those in Fairy Tail and the guy who was demoted for taking all the treasure for himself very much looked like Natsu from Fairy Tail including having the pinkish hair.

Goblin Slayer has a important mission now so I guess we’ll see going forward just where this is going.

One thought on “Goblin Slayer : Adventures and Daily Life”

  1. Watching Goblin Slayer dealing with the everyday stuff was kind of fun because it did help flesh out the world in which these characters are living and it gave the guild a bit more grounding when we see its day to day functions. Really enjoyable episode even if fairly low key.

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