Zombie Land Saga : Warming Dead SAGA

Episode 4

Wōmingu Deddo SAGA” (ウォーミング・デッド SAGA)

In the last review we talked a bunch about how the series is turning probably into something that people who originally watched the first episode might not like. This episode kind of gives us a bit of a different take on things I guess…

I mean in so much as they give us that horror feel back for a little bit of the episode, it was used for shits and giggles but at the same time……. Lets face it a lot of the horror genre is just hilariously awful.

Unfortunately I think it is now just going to land in that cutesy Idol genre with glimpses of something a little different. As I said I feel like it might have done a lot of damage to itself in its first episode, I was listening to my favourite streamer Hexy talk the other day about why he doesn’t put heavy metal on his stream and it made me think of what COULD possibly have happened with Zombie Land Saga. With the first episode being very Death Metal orientated there is a chance people who this anime is really aimed at have been turned off by it without wanting to give it a second chance, the first episode was aimed at the completely wrong people and nothing in the coming episodes really worked with that audience they might have picked up. If it was the other way round or something I feel it would have been better but going so deep into a genre and music scene that can be very polarizing and gave it such a unique feel then totally stripping that away the very next episode could be a terrible move.

I don’t really know though because I haven’t looked to see how well it is or try to figure out if people were put off by the first episode who would probably enjoy it.

Again though for a lot of people who had high hopes for a Idol Girl Group anime done differently it is pretty much NOT that and I don’t think it’ll go to that.

This episode did give us some good moments though, I’m a Slice of Life fan anyway so this kind of thing doesn’t really get me down too much. I enjoyed seeing the girls get closer going about town, loved Kotaro all throughout the episode because he’s a tiny stress ball that makes me laugh so much, the moment in the foot bath place was something I feel was needed because it just put a full stop on the end of everything and let us move on in unison. As I said in the last review it was a bit all over the place, specially as they had two characters dissenting in the same way, but now they are all on the same page it’ll be a more cutesy and fun series then a constant battle just to get all the girls on stage.

Of course it did have the wonderful horror-esque moment when Sayuki, Saki and Junko decide to go into the hot spring and the woman they were there to impress walked out, Sayuki lost her head literally and then we had the chase down the corridors with the other girls being creepy as hell. Some great moments straight out of things like the Shinning and especially loved seeing Grudge Tae again. I said above it was used as a funny scene as well as giving us the horror feel but I liked it.

Whilst I get that we can’t just have a lot of THAT going on I feel like giving us more of that in general will be good. I loved the girls getting shot at by the wonderfully named on Wiki “Policeman A” because it felt like something you’d see in a zombie movie. I just want more done with them being Zombies. The music is now settled in generic Idol music but I would kind of like to see maybe the Death Metal guys ask for them to come and do a show or something, I would really like it to bring back a few of the things they did in the first episode just because it would give the series that random feel that I hoped it would have.

Overall it was a good episode though.

Really like the animation on them dancing, like when they do the zombie/robot walk in the musical breaks in their songs. Loved the stuff with the muscle pad things and the ending with Kotaro going to talk to the woman to find out that she was so traumatized in the night she’d forgotten everything about the day before.

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