Zapped : Circus

So we are now pretty much up to date! Here we are at season 3 with Howell stuck on our planet and Brian… Stuck elsewhere!

It is funny seeing Steve Coogan back playing another character, this time the Circus owner Feffenhoffer who keeps his acts in cages. He saved and imprisoned Brian but in doing so also managed to bring him back to Munty after 3 long months away.

I really enjoyed the episode.

For a start Barbara was much more confident and took charge of situations which was nice, she also was able to see Brian through her crystal ball at the beginning proving once again she’s a lot better at this stuff then they let on at times. Of course it went from a save Brian mission to all of them being stuck in a cage with him but thanks to Herman they all get free and we end up with the entire gang back at The Jug and Other Jug for more adventures.

That includes Howell who had a interesting dynamic in our world but it probably needed to be a one time thing seeing that he was swindling people which… Isn’t so easy to do here as it seems to be in Munty.

Herman was the stand out of the episode even though I loved Barbara throughout. Again he has this subtle way of reacting, small changes in facial expressions and movements as well as this air of innocent stupidity about him whilst also a hidden intelligence and knowing that makes him such a complex character. He makes me laugh, the beginning with the metal moth and then accidentally capturing Springleaf in a jar, he also saves the day more often then not. Really loved him in this episode.

On the other scale of things they’ve made Brian even more annoying if that is possible. Whilst it must be frustrating being trapped and facing certain death he had no sympathy to his friends who tried to help him and ended up in the cage facing certain death with him and was moody as hell in the ending scene. Again as much as he irritates me I like him as a character because he’s just that side of unlikeable that you don’t want anything to go right for him but you don’t mind the show being about him. It is fun to see him fail and I think it needs that because you WANT him to stay in Munty so that we get more series and more fun with the rest of the cast but if we liked him and wanted him to go home then you’d lose a lot of the comedy in it because it would be sad and not funny if you get what I mean.

So a great opening episode which also has given us a new slant on everything with Howell’s make shift “get back home” invention on our planet having transported something evil looking to us. So not only will we get the Munty crew but at some point we’ll have something in our world happening as well.

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