The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 10 [END]

All the pieces have been laid out and the final episode will put it together and finally tell us just what happened to Nola Kellergan.

The final episode wasn’t as explosive as I thought. Both Travis and Jenny gave their statements  and we saw them in a video that Marcus showed Harry, the story is set down by Marcus first and then later seen through a flashback of Nola’s final day.

My heart bleeds for Luther who was a wonderfully intriguing character. A poor man who had his life ruined and ended up hiding in shadows trying to get some normality that he felt he could no longer have.

In the end the story was a sad tale of two broken people living in a time where it wasn’t acceptable to be broken. Two people who wanted to be loved but just brought pain to those closest to them. Two people who would never be accepted.

The acting from both Kristine Froseth as Nola and Josh Close as Luther brought tears to my eyes. The death of Luther ended up, for me, being more heartbreaking then knowing the truth about Nola. Poor Nola who died because she witnessed the overzealous actions of Travis Dawn who WANTED a reason to kill Luther due to his harassment of Jenny, the woman he himself was obsessed over, and the cold hearted actions of Gareth Pratt who didn’t bother asking questions about anyone or anything.

As for Harry he was just a person.

He didn’t write the Origin of Evil, that was Luther, he didn’t write the letters to Nola, that also was Luther, it wasn’t his actions that brought the death of Nola because, again, if Luther hadn’t wrote to Nola on the day she was meant to leave then none of this would have happened. Harry wrote one book with Nola, he was in love with Nola and meant to run away with her but in the end he was just a bit player in two other people’s love story.

What I loved about the ending was that they published the book that Harry wrote under the name of Luther and it was called a masterpiece. I get why Harry did what he did in the end but he had no faith in his own work and hid it away when it might have actually always been a masterpiece. He lost everything and I feel that is the best ending for him, he wasn’t a bad man but he wasn’t a good one either and whilst I feel sorry to a point for what he went through at the same time he had all the chances in the world to make something right for a man who had never had anything really, truly, right happen to him and he didn’t. Marcus said to him in the episode that he could have told the truth from the beginning and stopped himself from being in the position that he was in and he didn’t do anything, he would have rather talked about being innocent and lie about Nola and his relationship then tell the truth and admit that the Origin of Evil wasn’t his.

Harry was not a nice person.

Everyone we met in this series was a complex mess of humanity.

It was why I loved the series so much.

No one was perfect, no one did the right thing at the right time. Luther and Nola had no one to turn too and those they did trust didn’t have the ability to help them. They died because the world didn’t want to accept them. Luther couldn’t hide who he was, Nola could to a point. They were victims of other people and their inability to feel humanity.

In the end this story was never about Harry Quebert but about Luther and Nola. The sad, sad story of two innocent and broken people.

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