That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : Hero King, Gazel Dwargo

Episode 5

Eiyū-ō Gazeru Dowarugo” (英雄王 ガゼル・ドワルゴ)

So Rimuru found himself some skilled workers when he went to meet the Dwarfs but it doesn’t look like it’ll be a easy job even leaving the Kingdom of the Dwarfs.

Actually it was a lot easier then he probably first thought just a little bit on the dramatic side.

It was a bit silly to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it a lot but their whole legal system is messed up and nothing in this episode really pointed to Gazel being a hero, more like a king that doesn’t have much say over what happens.

We’ve been introduced to Vesta who I guess might end up being a ongoing thorn in the side of Rimuru now that his shenanigans has got him fired. He was the minister who purposely ordered the swords knowing Kaijin probably wouldn’t be able to get the order in on time, he seems to have a thing against Kaijin which isn’t fully explained. It is kind of hand waved away by a few pieces of dialogue, he looked up to Gazel and wanted to work under him and ended up being Kaijin’s second in command. He didn’t like Kaijin because he was envious and Kaijin was a peasant so when a experiment went wrong he blamed Kaijin and now just tries to make life hard for him.

Gazel knows all this yet doesn’t care?

I mean he gets annoyed not that Kaijin took exile over rejoining the army but because Vesta messed up a potential friendship with Rimuru who could produce those potions.

EVEN THEN he classifies Rimuru as a beast and has some assassin looking person stalk him instead of, you know, trying to reopen talks with him and get to know him. He puts Rimuru on the same level as Veldora which also shows that he see’s him more as a threat now then anything else.

He throws Vesta away knowing full well he’s a liar and that half of what is happening is because Vesta lied and instead of being like “I know he’s lying so ignore him” he exiles a bunch of people and then classifies their leader, Rimuru, as a threat.

How is he a hero?

He is a coward, he has no control over his people and his laws are fundamentally broken.

This Dwarf Kingdom was meant to be progressive. We learnt that they opened their doors for everyone and as long as you are inside then no one should be able to harm you and then we learn about their actual systems and it is just a joke.

I liked the episode because it was fun and I enjoyed seeing the interactions between the dwarfs and Rimuru but at the same time it was a bit of a mess to be honest. I feel like none of what was happening really actually flowed and it was difficult to figure out what story they were trying to tell between Vesta, Kaijin and Gazel. By the time the entire trial and talk with Vesta and Gazel was over I was totally confused and what little I understand about this entire thing is from piecing it together afterwards.

My main concern at the end of the episode was that Gobta seemed to have been left behind……..

3 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : Hero King, Gazel Dwargo”

  1. They did make it a point to forget about Gobta at every turn. Seems fairly silly, but maybe that was the point.
    I actually liked learning about the dwarf kingdom. The legal system and political structure is incredibly messed up, but at the same time it felt real. Still, not actually talking with Rimuru was a pretty stupid move in the end.

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