Goblin Slayer : The Strong

Episode 4

Tsuyoki monodomo” (強き者ども)

We have a group of adventurers going into a old fort to kill Goblins. A group that we have now dubbed the Goblin Slayer and his Fellowship. It is pretty much the build up to every episode I guess.

Enjoyed this one more then the last two, for a start it wasn’t so wordy and whilst there was some decent character moments, especially with the Ranger Elf, it didn’t have to explain it away to us.

We’ll start with the Elf I guess because whilst I enjoyed it a lot of what I want to say about the episode might sound pretty negative.

I liked that they did basically the same thing with the Elf as they did with the Priestess and let us see her grow from SEEING what the Goblins do. She didn’t take them seriously yet had to see what they did before she did take them more as a threat. From the childlike little girl Elf to a hardened Ranger who has seen things most might not… It was a story better seen then told. The episode, again, didn’t need to go into as much physical depth as the first episode did to get this all over in the episode but we got the picture and her growth was tremendous. I will be extremely upset if they don’t stick around or if they do have to leave I’ll be sad if we don’t see them return at some point.

Really enjoyed seeing the different styles from the different characters meshing together too. The Dwarf and Priestess working together to put the Goblins to Sleep and Silence them was a really cool scene and the Dwarf was shown to be much more wise then we might have thought. All the characters had their chance to shine and it made it a more interesting episode in general.

So the more negative things I guess are mainly to do with the Goblin Slayer.

We knew already  that he was blinkered to Goblins so it isn’t really a surprise that he wouldn’t really know what a Ogre is. I think it is weird but I guess understandable, he was shown to be a moody little kid so him taking that attitude with the trauma he’s suffered forward into adulthood makes it more realistic that he would have that gap in his knowledge. What I guess annoyed me was that we had to hear so often that the others don’t see why he’s classified as being so strong when he doesn’t fight anything else and then he proved them right.

I mean a lot of it will probably have more to do with his lack of knowledge. Compared to how knowledgeable he is about Goblins and his ability to hit their weaknesses and keep himself safe from their traps he went into this fight thinking about killing Goblins and if he didn’t have a group with him would have perished. So maybe it isn’t really that weird but at the same time I kind of wanted him to show a little more fight then he did.

Sure he won in the end and he won in a spectacular fashion but he won by using a scroll that was built up in the last episode to be something really important and maybe OP and then was used straight off that bat. I get that its sole purpose was to be used within this story but that also means that we know that he’s now completely useless in a battle with something other then Goblins ESPECIALLY if he doesn’t have a lot of backup. That Ogre had the match won until he whipped out the scroll so not even the Fellowship was/are going to be much help in the future.

This all means that he’ll have to focus on Goblins OR have a major character development moment and realise maybe, just maybe, he has to look at other things as well.

Also if this is someone who was granted a army, albeit a shitty Goblin one, by the Demon Lord then surely this party is now marked after defeating him?

So maybe he’ll NEED to look into other things outside of his Goblin focused killing?

It puts the ground works down for a lot of interesting possibilities but I don’t think we’re there yet with his character and I’m not entirely sure where they’ll go now with the show. I thought there MIGHT be something in this episode that would have pivoted it a little bit but other then now the other adventurers, if they hear about it, having more respect for him I don’t think it changes much. The next episode itself is called “Adventures and Daily Life” so I don’t see the next episode being much more then what we’ve got before now.

Is this good or bad is yet to be seen but in general this particular episode was a really strong one and I enjoyed it.

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