Zapped : The Henge

So the final episode of season 2 is upon us. With the team now knowing that the Protector is building a Henge that will help Brian get home how will things end?

The stars have aleigned and with Super Solstice upon us it looks like Brian will go home.

So how does it get messed up?

To be fair it was a great finale with a lot of really good moments for the entire cast. Barbara falls in love, kind of, with a guard at the Henge, Steg gets a job cleaning the sewers whilst Brian has to make sure Howell doesn’t drink himself to death before he can go home.

Of course everything goes wrong including the spell that is meant to transport Brian home.

I really enjoyed it, I liked that Steg got a job like the one he did because he’s such a horrible character that it is nice to see him have to root around in poo. Him coming to the rescue at the end was also kind of perfect because it is true to most of the series to be honest. I felt sorry for Barbara who did kind of find love with Chestnut just to end up with this guy who was sweet in his own way till she found out he thought she should be doing all the “women” chores for him, of course that meant that the easy entrance into the Henge was taken away which gave Steg the chance to shine with his new job. Again it was true to form in that Barbara is probably the most innocent and genuine character and nothing really goes right for her.

Didn’t really get the Brian/Howell stuff other then to have a chance to see what a sober Howell would look like and make it seem like Brian had messed up, really didn’t like that Brian stole Herman’s Velvet Gin or Whiskey whichever one it was which he’d learnt earlier was something Herman could have sold for a lot of money and moved on to something better, it was funny but also a bit weird. I mean Howell has always been a heavy drinker and it is only now that he’s suddenly dying from it?

The ending was predictable in so much as they kept telling us it was whats his name the contrary that had built the Henge so when Howell told Brian where to stand you knew it wasn’t going to be the place to stand, it does give season 3 a very different feel to it and it has also broken the team up with Howell now in our world and Brian finally caught by the assassin.

Another great performance by Sylvester McCoy threatening death by soup and just babbling on inanely until the real threat showed up, makes you wonder if Brian can ever return to Munty or if that is it for him!

Out of the two finales I think this one is my favourite even though it might not sound it because I feel it got all the characters down perfectly, again ended their stories perfectly if they didn’t get a season 3 but kept it open for even more adventures whilst also making sure that season 3 would be something COMPLETELY different once more.

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