Zapped : Showtime

So after two disappointing episodes we’re onto the penultimate episode of season 2! Hopefully it’ll be back to something more enjoyable.

We finally get to see Barbara and a Fairy!

Just the wrong one.

It isn’t Springleaf that she gets to spend time with it is a injured Chestnut who was attacked by a Throck and ends up having to be looked after by her. Whilst it was still cute I can’t help but be heartbroken we didn’t get the love story that is Barbara and Springleaf.

The actors weren’t too bad and Brian still trying his hardest to get to the big city to go home was OK but also a little slow. I liked that he had to write a play for the next day and struggled when to be honest he had been telling people lies about things from our world all along and could have probably come up with a pretty good story if he tried. Herman and Steg trying to tell him the story that he’d lost to the Throck was funny and I kind of wished we had learnt it all but they had two different versions and kept getting really confused by every little detail.

In the end he did kind of mix everything up and make a ridiculous play out of bits and pieces of our pop culture.

What made it better was watching good old Sylvester McCoy react to everything as he was introduced as The Protector. He really was hilarious and became the target of a Orcs murder attempt. All. Thanks. To. Steg. Of course it would be Steg that gave the Orc the idea! Brian saves the day, ruins his chances of going to the city and also ends the love story of Chestnut and Barbara.

It was the lead actor Fenton that made me laugh though, he is probably the scariest guy they have had on this show to be honest. His passive aggressive, get in your face attitude with Brian was really over the top but still really funny. Seeing that Brian talked the guy whose job he ended up with to leave in the first place he kind of deserved what he got.

Best joke was right at the beginning though when the assassin, as we find out she is, tells her companion that it is 17 leagues to Munty, stands up and there is a sign behind her, he asks how she knows and she said “Assassin ways” and he looked so impressed. It had me laughing so hard. I can’t wait till she comes face to face with Brian.

Really enjoyed the episode and sad we’re getting to the end of season 2!

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