Zapped : Pear Fair

This title reminded me that at the beginning of the last episode of season one there was a great bit of word play where Brian was talking about football to a pear seller then was asked if he wanted to buy something so he said a pear and the dude held up a pair. Honestly I loved that and forgot to write about it so there is a shout out to that wonderful little moment a few episodes ago!

So the Pear Fair is something that at least Herman gets very excited for.

Brian and Steg get jobs as guards for the albino pear tree and manage to, on their watch, see it get poisoned. There is some great mystery type stuff going on with Barbara nearer the end but to be honest this episode was the poorest so far. Whilst I just didn’t like the Vampire stuff much I at least enjoyed the episode a whole bunch but this episode was rather boring if I’m honest.

Barbara just wanted to get into the Seers guild which she once more didn’t. Steg went for the guards job so that he could get free drinks. Brian went for the guards job for the money to move to the big city. Howell was made to help Slasher Morgan beat Kevlar, the crazy from the first episode who has his entire family stuck in their head.

We did go back to the Going Home stuff with Brian as he realises that he needs to get to the city before the Super Solstice if he wants to go home but it really just wasn’t that great.

There weren’t really any good moments, Steg and Brian aren’t a decent duo as they are both so unlikeable you just don’t care. Barbara was being her normal self but didn’t really have anyone to play off of and whilst she did a bit with Howell he himself wasn’t his normal manic self because he was so pre-occupied with not being murdered by Morgan. Herman and the Fairies had the best moments but it was more a physical comedy seeing these big, burly men break down because a pear festival had been cancelled over anything else, I do love Herman’s hat though and wish I could get one.

Sadly me least favourite episode so far in my re-watch, there just isn’t anything in it that made me want to keep my attention on the TV. Sad.

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