Zapped : The Party

We’ve had a trial, we’ve had darts and Steg becoming a mummy. What else could possibly happen that can top this season already?


Munty has Vampires.

This episode reminds me that so much happens in every single episode that it is hard to always talk about whatever it is that is happening.

Whilst the underlying theme of this episode was that there were Vampires looking for rare blood there was also the character of Rina who sells Howell a fake stone and gets him in trouble with Slasher Morgan as well as then trying to steal money from Barbara before being eaten by the Vampires.

It is just one of those episodes really.

For me though the story that really stuck out and hurt a little bit, other then the Barbara one because I hate that someone as bubbly and lovely as her would be used by anyone, was the fact that whilst everyone spends their entire day at The Jug and Other Jug none of them really actually cared that Herman wanted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the pub being opened. He’s such a nice character, always there for them and their harebrained schemes, always serving them and helping them when they are in trouble but all he wanted was their company for one night, which any other night would have been 100% confirmed, and they all bailed on him.

It was actually really sad.

A much darker episode I guess what with everyone ending up in a seedy nightclub run by Vampires out to kill them, whilst there is a lot of violence in the show it never has gotten that dark I guess.

Vampires were rather meh for me, not as good as the last episode and now we’ve moved on from Brian wanting to go home to Brian wanting to go to the big city and live a more “normal” life for him.

It was funny though when we saw the people that are after him at the beginning not really knowing what they are looking for. The fact they are thinking he might be a powerful mage or mighty warrior and they’ll show up and find a man who hasn’t changed his clothes once in what must now be a few weeks is going to be funny. I hope it is funny, I can’t remember if they actually ever do meet him or not it has been so long since I watched this season!

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