The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 9

We are now on the penultimate episode of the Harry Quebert Affair, obviously the last episode came out a few days ago so we’ll have that one out tomorrow.

With everything we’ve now learnt about Nola and everyone surrounding the case it is time to piece the final bits and pieces together.

It is hard to figure out if I feel sorry for Nola’s dad or not.

Mental health in 2018 is a taboo subject. Having a problem, even if you admit to it, can still see you the subject of harassment and intolerance. The PRESENT in this isn’t even 2018 and when Nola had these problems was 30+ years BEFORE that.

You come home to find your house on fire, your wife dead and your kid outside. The next day you learn that your daughter set the fire to kill her mother, the kid is what… 6? She was 15 when she died and this was 9 years prior so only a tiny little kid. You are religious and the person you have turned too overhears and threatens you so you go along with them which makes your kid worse.

He did everything he could but picked the wrong path because…. Well what the hell would you do? You don’t know because it is such a ridiculously awful situation to be in.

So yeah I really don’t know how to feel about him but I feel I understand him a whole bunch better then before.

This episode though was a ride. We went from piecing together the last little bits and still holding Luther as suspect to having a whole bunch of suspects that you never suspected before. Elijah returns to fill in more blanks when it comes to Luther as well as another convoluted story twist of him being the one that attacked Luther in the first place. Bob turns out to have had Nola’s necklace and the gun that killed her and was caught throwing them away then confesses just for THAT to be a total lie and the blame now turning to Travis Dawn, the young police officer in love with Jenny Quinn and who Gareth Pratt might just actually WANT to help cover up any wrong doing.

At the beginning of the show there was nearly no one else that you could think would be the murderer other then Harry. We slowly learn more and more about a troubled girl who become obsessed with a older man, a older man who just so happened to be obsessed straight back. These broken people all finding each other, Luther falling in love with her too and living his life through their relationship, Luther bothering Jenny if that even happened, Jenny being obsessed with Harry, Travis obsessed with Jenny. One horrible giant circle of broken, hurt, confused and troubled humans.

By now it is obvious that someone like Harry couldn’t have killed Nola. The man was incapable of just being a normal human let alone hurting someone. We saw outburst of his but I just don’t see why we’d ever see that towards Nola. In fact the only one in their relationship who has had a violent outburst was Nola herself and by the time they were running away with each other he was too scared to do ANYTHING to her that might lead to her killing herself.

So what about the break up letter that was in the Origins of Evil?

Who bloody knows! Something isn’t right though but I don’t really know what.

Then you have the new suspect Travis Dawn.

Luther was in love with Nola, we also found out that Elijah brought women for Luther so why would he ever go anywhere near Jenny? What would he see in Jenny?

I guess they are hiding something. Luther might have confronted Jenny but over being a model?

What if Luther confronted her to keep her away from Harry? He was living his life through their relationship, stealing letters they sent each other. He’d know that Jenny was part of all this, that she was as in love with Harry as Harry was with Nola and Nola Harry and he himself Luther with Nola. What if his confrontation with her was actually to keep her out of the picture? What if it was to make her do something to be in the picture more:?

Well that makes it completely different.

What if Jenny actually told Travis that and Travis wasn’t happy for that reason and that is why he beat up Luther? Travis must have, deep down, known that when Jenny said yes to his proposal that she was just giving in to fate that she wouldn’t have the man she wanted. Her reply to his proposal was more like a “whatever” then a “yes I love you lets get married” and this was after Nola went missing. What if she just knew she had too? If Travis or Luther had any part in it then maybe she felt guilty?

If Jenny or Travis did something then Pratt would cover it up for them. We saw that he wasn’t looking to blame someone like Luther because when they found him dead in the black Monte Carlo he lied about the car and told them to leave the details of the car off the paperwork. What if Luther’s death isn’t actually a accident at all? What if this is all something that Travis did? What if Travis went after Luther again and Nola saw so Travis killed Luther, killed Nola to shut her up and killed the old woman to shut her up about seeing him chase Nola?

“Wait till the end to deliver your final twist” well that is just what they did!


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