Zapped : Magic Darts

So we opened season 2 with a trial and Brian finally accepting that Munty might just be his home.

What will he get up to his first day as a Munty citizen?

In a twist this episode see’s Barbara turn into a ace darts player and Steg turn into a dad…

No, no one was forced to spend time with Steg other then some poor lizard creature that was born out of a egg that Howell was meant to be selling that saw Steg first and thought it was his mum.

My favourite episode so far because it was just fun, we got to just live life with everyone instead of there being a big thing about getting Brian home. He wanted to learn magic so was used by Howell as you would have guessed but it was really Barbara and Herman that stole the show which I feel I say a lot.

When Herman gets fed up of the Fairies playing Darts at The Jug and Other Jug he puts Barbara up against their best player and as she can only play when she’s upset he sits there insulting her until she wins. Everything about this just made me laugh, the Fairies reaction to darts as well as the ups and downs of the main game, Barbara being brilliant at something and Springleaf’s little lost face when she walks in. I really REALLY wish that Springleaf and Barbara could be a thing, again I never noticed it but it was so adorable that I can’t help but think they are missing out not having him come just to speak to Barbara.

For a change Steg was being a good person, whilst he also had his creep moments like stalking the mum at the park it was nice to see that in some instances he can care about something or someone other than himself. Steg Jr was a fun addition but also looked terrible, I mean it can’t be helped but it really did look awful.

There was no continuation of the person who got the letter from Brian but that didn’t really do much to ruin anything. It was fun and helped being away from the entire “Brian wants to go home” thing. In fact it was so good because I think it was so far away from being about Brian as you’ll get, the other characters got to shine and that was wonderful.

Big props though to James Buckley as half way through Brian and Howell change appearances and his attempt at copying Paul Kaye’s mannerisms as Howell were spot on, that in itself was some of the funniest moments we’ve had in Zapped and I forgot how good he was doing it.

Poor Brian though, I did feel sorry for him a little bit in this episode, I think you can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who is on the wrong side of Howell and his misdeeds.

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