The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 8

We took a much needed step back from Nola the episode before and learnt a lot about Luther Caleb. The pieces are falling into place as we figure out exactly what happened leading up to Nola’s death.

We got to spend some time with Bob and finally the final parts of Tamara’s story has been settled.

Their relationship looks to be a pretty normal thing, so far his story has been that of a oblivious husband but we see a little more of him and find out that he was the one that took the note from the safe at first out of spite but afterwards maybe not so much out of spite but acceptance that love is a strange and difficult thing to understand.

We hardly know him but he’s such a wonderful character and the little we have seen of him has made me very happy that we did get to spend that little time with him. He is perfectly aware of who he is married too but it is once again one of those “we don’t talk about our feelings” relationships and in her way Nola opened his eyes to what he had and what he was blind too.

If it wasn’t all to do with Nola being crazy, Nola’s death and all the rest of it that would have been one of the cutest stories I’d heard.

It was a chain reaction. Tamara found the note, Nola overheard her telling Pratt about it, Nola went to Bob to steal the note and Pratt to incriminate him so he couldn’t do anything. That entire chain of events is now very clear in every way possible. It showed a manipulative and calculating side to Nola that I guess we have been seeing but now we can kind of see how her mind worked.

Unfortunately they once more rush to a conclusion, with the handwriting on the manuscript being that of Luther Caleb they lay the entire blame on him and Marcus writes a sensational story filling in the blanks of what happened that day.

The one thing they overlooked that I kept saying they overlooked?


Turns out she died 9 years before all of this happened as I was sure we already knew. Something, SOMETHING, tipped me off for her not being around. I can’t remember what but something which is why I’ve always questioned it. Such a simple thing as a gravestone with the date of death of the mother turns up and blows everything out of the water.

This leads them to rather scary revelations about Nola.

Her mothers death was her fault, she believed her mother to be wicked for whatever reasons and burnt her to death. This lead to her dad and another pastor to try a exorcism on Nola. The beatings she took? Were from herself, in a true split personality type thing she beat herself because she believed her mother was in her… Or not. That is a bad way of explaining it, she had a split personality and her mother was one of them. That’s why they moved to Summerdale and what was going on.

I do think it was a bit of shitty writing to have Marcus completely miss that the mother was dead and never even investigate it, it is also a bit dodgy that the friend of Nola’s he’s been talking too would tell the stories she did without a “of course it was weird that she told me her mother beat her because as you know her mother was dead.” I get that it has lead to this extremely dramatic turn but it just seems like a lazy way to get a dramatic turn.

Marcus isn’t the best of people when it comes to confirming things, he’s hot headed and not a actual police officer. I get also that Gahalowood was kind of blind to Nola and her life and just looking for suspects but at no point did anyone ever think of telling Marcus that Nola’s mum was dead?

Gahalowood’s exasperation when he heard the conversation that Marcus had with Harry including the entire “I found out something horrible about her mother” and yet Marcus never followed it up was kind of how I’ve felt since the mother was brought up.

It was such a obvious clue, such a glaringly obvious plot point that it really annoyed me that they just brushed over it a little. It kind of still annoys me because it is so unnatural the way people were talking about a dead woman and what she was accused of doing whilst she was dead.

Whilst the mother question is now out of the way obviously we’re moving on to the story of what exactly was wrong with Nola. Back again at square one. We need the joint attentions of Marcus and Gahalowood to figure it out.

Why did Luther write anything on a manuscript that Harry had written?

What is the manuscript that Harry gave to Marcus?

What was wrong with Nola Kellergan?

What is her father hiding?


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