Zapped : The Trial

So we’re into the second season, this one consisted of six episodes after the success of the pilot season and we basically join where we ended.

With the fall out to the snail wars.

So as you can tell a Trial in Munty isn’t exactly like any trial you would have here on Earth, after Steg messes up the defense and can’t even say Advocate properly it is up to Brian to beat Radnok to keep his life and be free.

Plenty more crazy people to meet in the opener to the second season.

In the three days it has been since the finale it seems that Brian is kind of coming to terms with the fact he’s going to be stuck here in Munty from now on and even seems to have warmed up a whole bunch to the people he is spending his time here with. They once again go the extra mile for him which isn’t something you can say he’d ever do for them.

I liked that he’s kind of mellowed to the idea because it’ll mean to a point he’ll embrace the world he is now stuck in.

Nina Wadia was a great guest for the episode as the Judge. I thought her contempt of Steg was hilarious and once again it is nice to see him get what he deserves by the end of the episode. In fact I don’t think we talk enough about how horrible Steg can be, he’s a thief, highly jealous of anyone who gets attention and so mean to absolutely everyone. I love that him and Brian never really have anything go right for them because whilst I love them as characters at the same time they aren’t likeable in any way and don’t deserve nice things to happen to them. The fact that he jumped the gun completely and instead of sticking around to see what happened to Brian he went and vandalised the Sudan which then lead to the Judge knowing it was him because of the paint on his hands made me laugh so hard.

He deserved it.

Happy by the end of the episode that Barbara decided to stick to Soothsaying, she isn’t as bad at it as others say and whilst it was hilarious to see her being the apprentice to a pervy blacksmith, who himself got his comeuppance at the end of the episode, I like when she gives out her little snippets and to see how they turn out to be right.

We also now have a new edge to the series.

With the Fairies having sent a random message for Brian to a stranger there is now someone sending out people to find Brian or at least a Brianne Wizer. What they have in store for him we don’t know and whether or not they even figure out who it is they are looking for we’ll have to wait and see but I’m guessing it will be the “I’m from another universe/dimension (can’t remember which he said)” that got their interest!

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