The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 7

We are coming off of a complete bombshell of a episode which is going to leave Marcus in a completely horrible position.

I say horrible a lot but that is because the entire thing is horrible.

There is a girl that had problems that no one seemed too worried about other than Harry. That in itself was horrible because Harry seemed incapable of sorting his own problems out let alone a teenage girls problems, a teenage girl that he was obsessing over. In the present everyone is just horrible. I love Wayne Knight to pieces but he also plays such wonderfully horrible characters and Quebert’s lawyer Benjamin Roth is just about as horrible as you can imagine with him being more then happy to drag Nola’s name through the mud if it means Harry getting off.

The entire town is in a state of shock as the intimate details of Nola’s life is published in every paper, intimate details they shared, intimate details of their own lives, their feelings and beliefs.

As you can imagine they turn their back on Marcus as doe a returning Harry who finds his house in ashes as whomever has been threatening Marcus finally goes through with their threat and burns down the house.

With Harry no longer really happy to talk to Marcus we spent most of the episode learning about Luther. His story is sad and it doesn’t get any less sadder. His disfigurement came after being attacked by kids who were never caught, he lost everything and Elijah Stern gave him reason to live. His painting was his life and sure he became obsessive over his subjects or those he wanted to be his subjects but he also didn’t deserve what he got from someone like Travis who in himself was rather forceful, with the help of Tamara, in getting what he wanted.

It was Marcus and Gahalowood that made the episode though. With his case in shatters Gahalowood turns to Marcus to help him actually piece the picture together and it was interesting to see a different approach to the episode. The investigation was still there but we didn’t get any of the big long stories about Nola, in fact she wasn’t really that much of a focus on the episode. Gahalowood doesn’t need the sordid details he just needs facts and it is as important for him to find out the stories of the people surrounding her as it is to find out about her. He doesn’t have a personal opinion on anything so he works like a police officer would. He gets more out of Elijah on his own then what he would have with Marcus who automatically gets people’s backs up now, he learns about what lead to Luther being able to paint Nola and why that stopped as well. We learn about how Elijah was giving Harry the house for free because of Nola being Luther’s model, how he felt bad about it but put up with it until he finally realised it was wrong and stopped it and then finding out that Luther was stalking her and he tried to stop it.

It really was a Luther episode and it was sad to learn about him and what was going on with him and the others.

I think I just feel sorry for so many people in this entire story.

Again I am missing talking about so much but there is just so much going on. When one door opens another closes, we learn about a conspiracy to hide the truth of what happened to Luther and the fact he was in the exact same car that was reported to be the one that they thought the killer had driven when he died but the only person who can answer those questions, Pratt, is found dead by the end of the episode. It is just so twisty and turny that I can only really write about the biggest moments in the episode for me else I’ll be here all day talking about it!

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